How many Thorn players?

(Jeanpertica) #21

That would be much appreciated. The general matchup info was good, but down the line we can definitely get some character specific stuff for people to use.

(Mattiwarden) #22

I don’t really have a character that I specifically main, but she’s in my top five for sure, which I guess is the close thing I have to a primary character.

(Ryan) #23

Not much of a Thorn player tried her out didn’t get one kill but I will say this if you know how to use her she is a deadly character and I will try to get her to work for me just like Orendi.

(PSN: Tha-Fever) #24

I tried as many characters as I could during the beta and Thorn was by far my favorite. Once you get some practice in she can be good at so many different things. Throw a good Thorn on a good team and it could get unfair.