How many times can I redeem Shift Rewards?

Title. I have a number of Shift rewards, but haven’t redeemed them yet. I’ve seen Joltsdude on YouTube redeem them multiple times per character, but he’s running the Community Patch, so I don’t know if these are once per character, once per play through, or once per account. How often can I redeem the rewards?

it’s once per account, per reward.

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Some of the rewards do reappear sometimes. I had this happen for me with the moonscaper back when I was on ps3. Not sure if it still happens on ps4 though as I haven’t collected any of my rewards (and won’t be doing so until I reach level 70).

For me it’s very strange. i was able to pickup Moonscaper three times, now it’s no longer available. The same with Naught shield and The Machine (2x on my Athena @70 and now it’s again on list). However once I picked the Company Man it’s gone forever. It’s not available for any of my characters anymore.