How many times can my friend survive with Grit? (Borderlands: The Handsome Collection)

My friend’s luck is insane.

For reference: He’s got 10 points in Grit, so it’s a 40% chance each time he goes down, but still. The gun he used was a Chopper, and he was focused in his Survival skill tree with a Legendary Pointman class mod.

For those who are curious, I’m playing a Sickle Mod Melee focused Krieg, and our Maya (who we’re leveling up because our last account became inaccessible because our friend forgot his last password) is focused on healing–mainly a Nurse.


That’s insane! I know Grit can be really good when it procs like this but I never pick it up due to it being purely RNG. And yes it is actually a 40% chance to proc while boosted but after that initial proc it has a really weird stacking mechanic where the more Grit procs the more likely it will be to happen again. That’s what happened here, at least I think.


Bahroo’s take on this.

Edit. I love Grit.


I remember this video. Had me rolling :slight_smile:

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