How many tokens would it take...?

…to get a legit 100% BAR? I know there are diminishing returns put as someone who occasionally gets OCD about things I’ve always wondered about that. Right now I have an across the board BAR of 25% (except for Gun damage, which is 25.2% argh!) and 647 tokens. About how many more tokens would be needed to make this happen?

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The game shows the stat with one decimal.

I’m currently at around 36 %, and it seems to be an increase step by 0,2 at this point. If it’s always an increase of at least 0,1 then my estimate would be that once you get to 45 - 50 %, you’d hit that point where your increase will be 0,1 % for each token. In that case, you’d need somewhere around 2000 tokens to get from 25 % to 50 % across the line, and then you’d need an additional 7000 token to get to 100 %.

If it’s a strict mathematical increase, with no minimum increase, then I guess it would be impossible to get there, since the increase would be smaller and smaller the closer you get to 100 %.

This is all speculation off the top of my head, so don’t take this as fact. But in any case… You’ll have to keep your OCD on a really tight leash from now on, @Carlton_Slayer :laughing: . Stuff like this can drive you insane!


Crazy, yes. But it’s possible…:grinning:

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:sweat_smile: I don’t even wanna think about how long that would actually take.

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The amount of tokens required? I don’t even think I can count that high…

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