How many types of gear are in this game?

Just upgraded my gear Bank to 239 out of boredom, but then I thought… is it even necessary to go further?

I mean, even if I keep one (not broken) Max Roll item, will it really take more space than that?

I’m gonna upgrade to the Max, because I just want to for the sake of it, I would just like to know if from a logical point of view, it is really “good for Nothing”.

With one of every possible variation at max roll your lookin 783.

Though to be fair a lot of gear upgrades into better variation at a different tier/cost and others are the same with different secondary triggers. Honestly just keep what you think you’ll use and hold all the best roll on all your legendaries.
111 legendaries FYI

Broken items are useful too. They cost less while can have an insignificant negative stat (like reload on a melee hero or a shield delay on eldrid).


If you mean broken as in negative stats, those can be some of the best gear to have in certain builds. I have a zero cost set just for quick matches (Read: Capture). I used negative shield anything stat gear for my Eldrid builds for quicker gear sets, and even some negative shield gear for normal characters.

I have one that gives -140 max shiled, but +210 health, and I take that for some of my squishy characters mainly because it’s easy for your shield to drop and recover, but that 70 extra cushion to me is better than the loss in shield strength. If you use gear that lowers some characters strengths a bit to up their weaknesses and be obtained quicker leaving you more shards to buy buildables and lvl faster it’s invaluable.

All this is very useful and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it but his questions were about bank space.

Are you sure that’s what his ENTIRE statement was about? He asked if it was logical to need/keep more gear. I was giving him a reason for the “broken” gear. Unless you saw something I missed, then maybe I’m mistaken here.

Well you both were trying to correct his assumed position on negative stat/zero activation gear being trash. Which is helpful and as I like I said I’m sure he’ll appreciate that.
But his questions were about bank space and whether there is a point to maxing it. I addressed it but hadn’t given an actual answer I suppose.

Grab whatever you think is useful and you will ever potentially use but I wouldn’t buy more space until you start to run low.
Seems pretty logical.

Thanks for the Answers.

@tolkenwhiteboy78 & @maskerader I know that gear with stat decrease are cheap or even for free for common gear… there are just certain stat penalties that seem to be stupid.

  • Reload Speed - Attack speed… why would anyone want that?

The good for nothing phrase was really only towards the Bank Space, still thanks for giving advice. :relaxed:

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Definitely! This is one of the most useful I have in my loadouts, and I use three of them:

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Many characters don’t have reload speed, making them very useful.


Currently there is a reason to not max out your bank, you will load into the character select screen slower the more gear and gear loadouts you have.
I haven’t purchased more space so that when new characters are released I can almost ensure that I will be able to select them because I will run 1-2 gear loadouts and delete any gear that I don’t use.

Something to consider.

I’m not sure it depends on the amount of gear in your bank. Number of loadouts you use - definitely (but not everyone is affected by this bug, though).

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I tested it my self by deleting gear stored, it improved the time to get to the character select screen for me, was not as big a change as having less loadouts though. I think I deleted close to 50 items in my gear bank and got about 1 second faster load time, so while not as big a factor from my experience it did help.

Huh, that’s strange. Currently my bank has about 185/199 items and I haven’t noticed any difference when there were 250+/199 (yeah, I was too lazy to clear them after numerous mission runs).

I haven’t even purchased that much space lol, I think my cap is still under 200
I think I went from something like 165 items down to 115. I had barely noticed the change but I saw that I was getting in about 1 second faster (Just going by the time to select a character, I was getting 75 seconds before and was getting 76 seconds sometimes). Could be that I was looking for a change after deleting them, its hard to tell with only 1 second or less difference and I didn’t want to try to delete any more items. I haven’t tried to purchase more slots to see if they add any time (Mostly because I want to play earnest when he is released).

It seems 279 is the Maximum, so for people who need to have every version of every utem it must be hard.

I can’t buy anymore and I’m not sure if they would make another Upgrade Possible, unless they would add a lot of gear with the additional levels.

I’ve noticed if you are in a team, loading time may vary a bit from match to match, but it stays the same if you’re alone. Maybe it was that.

It’s possible, like I said I could have been looking for changes that weren’t there but my experience has lead me to believe that it affected my load time. I could test once i’m home by maxing out my gear bank again, trying a few matches and see what the load times are then delete a fair amount of gear and seeing if there is any actual changes.

on the discord ama on friday i believe it was mentioned more loadouts and bank space are in the near future. :slight_smile: good for me, i gotta collect em all lol