How many weeks or months before support replies?

I have been waiting for weeks for someone from the support team to answer my question.
I posted on the Support page.
This is my first Gearbox game. Is Gearbox not that concerned about its own users?
Or how many weeks before someone might respond to a request?

Which support page and which game? Most GBX titles have support provided by 2K as part of the publisher agreement, and responses are usually sent via email (so check your junk folder just in case).

I wrote to them at support.gearboxsoftware.
They blocked the username I use. I’ve used it everywhere for 12 years. The reason: abusive.
What is abusive about Hunique? It means nothing. It’s a pun on the English word unique and Hungarian. I don’t understand why it was banned.
I’ve been waiting weeks for an answer as to why I had to choose another name.

The software algorithm that vets user names is a bit obscure. Sometimes, I can figure what might have triggered it; other times… :man_shrugging: AIUI it’s an automated process - basically a script along the lines of the “bad word” filter used by the forum platform.

Anyway, depending on which game you clicked on at, you would have clicked through to a support form either on gearboxsoftware or 2K. Neither of those forms require you to create a user account as, provided you gave a valid email address, all correspondance should go there. Did you at least get an automated reply with a ticket number?

I chose a Shift account, not a game, because all the Gearbox games I play are all linked to Shift accounts. You have to choose a user name there.
I had to register on the Support page. It’s there on the page under My Activities.
I didn’t get an email about it.

In that case I’m sorry, but I have no idea how to help you or how long it might take to get a response. (To be clear, I’m not a GBX employee, just a volunteer forum moderator, so I have no insight into what’s happening at GBX internally).

This morning I woke up to a message from my Support Team.
They have reviewed and approved the name.
So I don’t know if it’s thanks to you or if someone in the Support team read this in the forum or if they just got my request, but thanks a lot for your help!

Likely just your message’s turn in the queue - I can’t take any credit there. Glad you got it sorted, though.