How much community push is needed to keep the Beta servers up until release? Or at least for another week?

Agree and re-post if you think they should.


So people can complain even more about progress not being carried over and that they can’t play Toby? No thank you.

I’d rather they spent their time looking at data and making improvements.


I agree with @Misguided, in my opinion there’s a lot of balancing that should be done before they fully release this game. Hoping that it all goes well

It’s probably impossible. Keeping the servers up longer would take time, money, and possibly planning (i.e. it might already be too late). They decided to only do the open beta for a week for a reason. I’d love to spend more time in the beta too, but we’re just going to have to wait a couple weeks for launch.

I 'd rather they wouldn’t. That way, the stupidly high influx of “Dial back the effects” and “Add a third person camera” will finally stop and at release, the productive part of the community will buy the game and continue working to make it better.


Not to mention it will just give more time for people to be “blah blah this character is op and mine isnt. Make mine better and nerf that one”

Now ok yes some nerfs/buffs are needed but on the most part its just upto people learning how to play their character in the right way.

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Yeah, I mean I’m having a blast with the beta, and would love to keep playing, but I’ll just have to wait till I can pick my pre-order up at Gamestop next month (yay random starter character figure :smiley: )

And I hope Gearbox does balance the character that need it, this game is great.

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Make the beta last another week please I was so busy I only got to play once make it another week long

As much as I would enjoy playing more I believe the good folks at gearbox have ten days worth of metadata to sift through on top of everything else that still needs to be fixed prior to launch. Even if they do their homework I don’t expect they will be through all the data generated during the beta by launch date.

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I find few glitches everyday. Some characters ARE OP, testers hide gear/helix combos that break characters thats why open betas are so usefull. With a BUNCH of players finding glitches and admiting that they found ways to OP etc. I think the game needs more time in development. Personally i use ambra and have had entire noob teams run in loss all there lives and im stuck soloing hoards in a 5 pve game that we all know is harder yet she is so OP i dont die i barely have to back up. Marquis has multiple was to gltch the bindlebooster gear. There is hit detection issues.
There is still no way to see hp behind you. The beams on ambra hit your self too much and your stuck thinking wtf is my beam doing??? But yeah sure we are SOOO ready to stop testing. . No we are not again i find a ton of glitches everyday. Falling through graphics thats a big one. But hey you ll think its fine right? Testers have gotten lazy and greedy. We need more time to stop a game that still needs an overhaul from coming out crappy like other games… Sorry but its true.

The beta is done and over. This gives the devs the time to make the day 1 patch nescecary.

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