How much did the co-op events affect loot?

Alright so everyone should know now the co-op event is over, and many are dissappointed with how little loot they are seeing.

I’ve asked siliconNoodle over on reddit to do a test run for some comparisons to see just how much loot drops have changed. The part I asked for was the addition of the may 2nd run to see how things are after the co-op event’s end.

My belief was the loot the universe and the co-op event boosts were stacked together.
It’s hard to tell anything from just running a boss so I’ll probably do my own runs on sections of the world map when i get the chance.
*this was based on 35 runs each.
Screenshot (634) - Copy

THe time periods are around when mayhem first came out, the april 30th hotfix, and then earlier today may 2nd. So the last two m10 runs were both when loot the universe was on promethea.

They also created a table comparing loot rarity for multiple tiers of mayhem 2.0.

*this is before the 100% anoint chance in m10 from the recent hotfix.

Anyway like i said when I get the chance I’ll try some basic world runs but not m10 because I can’t do that quickly.

I’ll probably use Big D’s chopshop in the splinterlands and the subway area of lectra city to compare difference of loot the universe.

Since I unfortunately can’t get an exact/direct comparison to the co-op event regular enemy drops I’ll have to extrapolate.

We were used to seeing most of a map covered in loot So I’ll say that is a 90% from every enemy in an area. So to compare results I’ll count the number of enemies in an area I kill multiply by .9 and use that as a loose estimate of how much legendary loot would have dropped during the co-op event.

Its not exact but that’s the closest estimate i can imagine.

To me at least, without the loot drop events active it feels like a waste of time to even play the game.


yeah that’s about how it was before, it just didn’t feel as severe because the game was still new and there seemed a lot to do, but they never actually made any fixes, just patched it with constant events.

either way if/when I get this test we can extrapolate what actual drop rates are, or at least close.

right now there’s no proof but it may be possible the drop rates listed in mayhem are just visual glitches, another case of coding oversight where the visual listed doesn’t match the actual affect, like the trial timer, where it says 25 and 20 but is actually using 15 minutes for the rewards so you can never beat the second time trial.

or it was that way before the hotfix.

Ok since it looks mayhem has issues I guess there’s no need for me to run anymore tests so I’ll just end this topic here.