How much do BAR stats really do?

I am at around 40% myself and they absolutely make a difference, it’s like having a mini 4th skill tree at OP8.

Shield Recharge Rate is HUGE and capacity isn’t bad either. Firerate, Reload Speed, and Recoil Reduction are noticeable, it will make your SMGS even better. The crit damage is noticeable for non-Zer0 characters. All the Grenade and Elemental damage and chance are good, I do notice them more on multi-pellet elemental guns.

I hope BAR is implemented differently in the next game. The problem is you stop naturally earning BAR ranks after a certain point, you have to go out of your way to do the BAR challenges. I rather it is tied to XP gain after hitting the level cap. I still like the BAR challenges to be a thing, still keep those but give golden keys or cosmetics rewards for those.

BAR should also be more visually interesting, make it look like a global skill tree were we can put points into…PER CHARACTER…and the ability to reset the tree and redistribute the points.


This would be REALLY nice!


in your specific case, I’d just say, up your OP level. instead of camping out at OP4 like you do. up it to OP5 if the points have been spent and your BAR percentage is getting too high for your likings. That would be a way to mitigate that affect in your case. But that would cap out at OP8 depending on how high your percentages go. :wink:

Because this, right here! ^ @Adabiviak :smirk:


I think @Abvex has a point here. I’ve thought about this too, but haven’t come up with any great ideas so far. The BAR system, as it is in BL 2, will help most of the time, but the fact that you can’t skip stats completely, definetly hurts certain playstyles and certain equipment.

One thing that would be cool was if new dialogue was unlocked when you reach certain levels. Both on your character and on random npc’s.


Seeing those tables and math… I have the weirdest boner right now.


Heh! Couldn’t math any more last night, and this morning didn’t work out so well either. Either my spread-sheet-fu is off, or I’m missing something with the critical damage formula and that set of weapons.

BTW, since you’re here… there appears to be a table missing at the bottom of your TPS damage formula post. The one on modifiers for target weaknesses and resistances? I you should just happen to feel like dropping in for a quit edit, I for one would greatly appreciate it!

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I only did one character in BL1, but I’d like the next game to meet somewhere between weapon proficiencies (I think that’s what it was?) and BAR.

I love BL1’s system, but I also like the exploration and random BAR challenges like finding vault symbols, discovering hidden locations, finding X number of things, etc.


There’s actually an extensive list of challenges buried in BL1’s mission log tab, but there’s no real reward (other than being a completionist) for doing it all. Although there is an achievement/trophy for the vault symbols and the truxican midgets iirc?


Now that you say that, I do remember getting random chunks of EXP. here and there. I had no idea there was actually a list though. lol

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I won’t disagree completely, because after a time it does force you to put points in all stats, buutt,

Yes you can skip stats for awhile.
For how long, I don’t know I’m still working on it, (have 1 stat at 97%, others at 15%, several 0%, and it’s still not forcing me to choose only the lower stats, Will be posting my TPS & BL 2 new stats this weekend on my page that I reference above)

all platforms, again I don’t know I only know on Xbox 1


Yeah, dropbox finally disabled hotlinking for free accounts so I uploaded it to imgur instead. Should be working.


Yup. Works. Unfortunately you also ran afoul of the change in heading formats - I should have warned you about that (Torgue: My bad!). Just put a single space between the # and the first character - otherwise, it all gets treated as a #Hashtag (ugh!). One side benefit though: if you need to point to a particular Category and Topic, you can # tag it: #borderlands-the-pre-sequel or #borderlands-the-pre-sequel:bl-tps-loot-and-weapons-chat - it also makes it an instant link.

Also, you can just drag and drop the image file directly into the editor, so that the image is stored internally in the forums. That might actually be better for loot posts.

Edit: Urgh! Tired fingres…

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:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: It’s been a long time since I had this issue, and I’ve been spreading it evenly ever since, however… I don’t think we’re talking about more than a few percent here, iirc. Somewhere in the range of 3-7% as I recall it, but this was a long time ago. I guess it’s been patched since that, and I simply never noticed.


Some stats are noticeably more effected than others. Gun damage and reload speed probably being the most noticeable. Maybe accuracy too if you’re sniping. The shield bonuses are kind of meh, but I worked hard to get them so I’ll keep it, thank you very much. You’ll notice elemental effect chance if you want to watch the entire world go up in a blazing inferno on the first shot.