How much do you think Steam release be?

I’m hoping its going to be 34.99, at least! This price is fair and balanced for a game that is 6 months old, and metro exodus is 34.99 on Steam. Its not crazy to ask for a cheaper priced game that has been out for 6 months. What price do you guys hope comes out for Steam release?

At least full price.

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Most likely 60$ with 35% discount at release.

The full 60 bucks, possibly a discount for people who already have it on Epic if they can somehow do that. I don’t think 2k want to reward players for boycotting the platform that gives them more money per sale by giving them a cheaper price.
I could imagine there being some kind of bundle with the Season Pass that’s technically cheaper than getting both the game and the SP separately.


Its wild to think that Bl3 is still 34.99 for PS4 and Xbox One

It’s 23.00 on Amazon and the super Deluxe edition is 41.00.

omfg we better be getting a deal on Steam or we’ll riot!

They should charge double. That’ll learn them.

You’ve been rioting anyways

Well, there we have it. If you buy it before the 20th of March you get a 50% discount, after that it’s gonna be the full release price.

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There hasn’t been any word yet on if our Epic files transfer over or anything like that?
Was posting on a few threads but nobody hasn’t replied or maybe don’t know.

Just curious.

There has.