How much gear will you get rid of at level 53?

I’m currently deciding what I’ll keep, and what I’ll sell when I hit level 53. So much gear I kept only cuz “maaaaybe I’ll use that one day” but now it seems unlikely. I think there’s going to be a major purge.

Depends on how hard 3 levels hits Moze DPS wise, In the back of my mind I have a sick feeling that its gonna hit her hardest out of the rest of the VH’s.

I use a Brainstormer with the “Conescutive hits” anoint and im specualting that its DPS will hold up just fine.

Definately not gonna warrant an entire purge, that being said ill probably being purging the fluff Ive saved up in my vault as Ive already moved all my top tear gear to the respective Vh its meant for.

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I bet I could narrow my gun inventory down to about 4 guns of each manufacturer, plus various rocket launchers, and have no issues.
I’ll keep my coms and artifacts since it’s just the passive numbers that change.


Went from a full bank down to around 75, mostly relics and class mods but I kept a lot of the better anointed weapons as well

I’m gonna rid of whatever I find an upgrade for. Seems simpler than clearing out space


I’m going to trash all my story items I farmed at level 50, and reset on my Zane for another blast through TVHM. It all goes in my bank anyway, I don’t use them, they’re just nice to have.

The rest I’ll replace as-and-when; no point trashing a decent Anointed Legendary just because I might be one or two levels over it. Hopefully by the time I’m 53 I’ll have some solid replacements :slight_smile:

I ll only throw lv 50 object when I find the same at lv 53 simple as that