How much health do spider tanks have

Without recharging Id also like to know how much is its base shield. How long is the shield recharge delay, How fast is the shield recharge rate. If you know any of these nu,bers or can point me to them Id appreciate it

Are you talking about incursion sentries or…

I believe their shield recharge delay is 8 seconds but I’d have to test to verify. It’s almost impossible to know how much health they have because they’re almost always taking damage from multiple sources. You could probably test this in a private match with no bots, use Thorn and take note of her arrow damage and how many arrows it takes to break the shield and drain the sentry’s health.


I did a similar test, back when Marquis-cheese was prevalent. It’s easier with a couple friends to keep the minions from interrupting.

It took ~30 seconds of constant firing (and reloading) for a level 1 Marq with no gear to drop the Sentry’s shields.

Shield started recharging after 8-10 seconds, and required 30 seconds to charge back to full. Didn’t do any tests on health.

I’ll repeat the tests tonight, and count the bullets.

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