How Much Health Do Sunspots Have?

For some reason, I thought the card said how much health each sunspot did, but when I looked online there’s no concrete value. Has anyone done any testing on this?

I’d like to know just how much a sunspot has, if it increases with each level, and if it has a 1:1 ratio with healing and damage (aka 1 damage dealt to enemies removes 1 hp from sunspot, 1 hp given to allies removies 1 hp from sunspot)

Unfortunately my computer hasn’t been working so I can’t test this myself :frowning:

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I’m not a numbers cat, but i believe its health ~1120 but her left level 2 makes it have ~700-800 health because it increases its healing output. As for its health scaling with level i would have to say no, unfortunately with no better excuse than me noticing my sunspots stay on the field for usually around the same time (that is depending on my helix choice at level 3) until i hit level 8 and get increased sunspot health. @dantesolar feel free to weigh in on this as i could be wrong and allergic to numbers. (and i have the audacity to call myself an Ambra main :sweat:)


Sunspots have 300 health, but I haven’t tested how that correlates to the damage/healing they deal. Though it’s probably just percentage based, as the Sunspot’s healing and damage scale, but not its health.

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so i was able to do a little testing sans gear and her left level 2 for the very last healing test.[quote=“khimerakiller, post:3, topic:1592258”]
Sunspots have 300 health
I don’t think this is accurate as sunspots heal/damage by sacrificing their own health, (maybe at level 1 but even then i’m not sure) do you have anything that can support this? Its for sun science. in my video it suggests otherwise.

i was able to do 6 tests (don’t count the first as i was taking damage during healing ) keep in mind all of this happened while leveling up.
the 1st i was healed for 745
2nd -704
3rd and 4th-690 (weird)
and the 6th i used her left level 2 and i got 682, but its worthy to note that healed me faster than the other times.
I could be wrong in saying that the healing seems to be sporadic or maybe i failed to account for any variables (as i’m a total ditz :sweat_smile:) i believe my math is right but anyone feel free say something if not

Even with this video i’m uncertain but i think it doesn’t as i averaged around ~700 health each test. When i Have time ill see if i can count the individual ticks themselves as i now realized i neglected to do so.

I’m not sure if this is the answer your looking for, but you heal more than you damage with sunspots and both make it sacrifice its own health. Skill damage increases both its healing and damage and heal power only affects healing.

I’m not the best at language in general, but I thought he asked how much health a Sunspot had, which is 300. But that is different from the total healing a Sunspot can give.

The same way KU’s Support Drone has 200 health, but can do 441 total healing.

Ambra’s sunspots work differently from KU’s drones. A drone lasts significantly longer than a sunspot (maybe because a drone only heals. As stated everything a sunspot does (damage and healing) comes out of its own health and 300 seems too low for the healing and and damage it puts out. i’ve been doing some digging and couldn’t find anything conclusive on KU’s drones and what dictates them leaving the field after being deployed. My hypothesis is that while, yes they have 200 health, there’s a certain threshold of either time or healing done which must be done for them to leave. I do believe they heal more for than their own health, but its source is separate.

I think you’re thinking of a 1:1 ratio, of Sunspot health to Sunspot total healing. When in reality the ratio is more like 1:2.34. So for every 1 health a Sunpot expends, it will heal 2.34 health if 700 total healing is the norm.

When I say Sunspots have 300 health, I mean it takes 300 damage to kill them.

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Sunspots have 300 health, or 450 with the level 8 helix. This does not scale with level, although the rate of healing does scale.

At base, a sunspot will heal or damage 2 hp for every 1 hp it drains from itself (this can be seen with Stellar Ritual). This is not improved by scaling or the level 2 left helix. However, most other boosts will increase the effect of the sunspot without increasing the health drain, thus increasing the efficiency.

For some reason, consuming an entire sunspot will heal more hp than expected (something like 660 healing when it should be 600). I’m not sure exactly why this is, but I suspect that the healing and damage always uses full ticks, and ticks one extra time as the sunspot dies.

Kid Ultra’s drones work very differently, as they do not consume their own health to heal. Instead, they expire after either healing a set amount (when using single target drones), or after a 45 second timer (when using AoE drones).


Ah I see, thank you for the detailed information, I now stand corrected.

Can confirm this

And this


I got all the answers I needed!

thanks everyone!