How much Platinum have you earned?

I’ve been logging in everyday since they introduced daily quests. Most days the quest rewards 4 Platinum. I’ve earned a total of 224 Platinum. Super curious as to how much how much others have earned.

Also, is it just me, normally I haven’t been tempted to buy any Platinum, but now that I have some Platinum I have a desire to buy more?! Sneaky sneaky Gearbox!

Edit: Updated my Platinum amount.

Is there a way to know how much Plat of your total was earned? I had plat already before doing the daily quests so if it’s not being tallied anywhere, I wouldn’t know.

I’m estimating around 160~ or so were earned though.

I think somewhere around 184 so far. I haven’t done the last three yet. I know I’ve earned more than enough for an XP booster, which did not at all work the way I thought it would.

Trying real hard to not buy Dance Partners right now.

No, there’s not, unless you do the math.

Everyday I get excited to check my Daily Quest and 90% of the time I get super disappointed that it’s only 4 Platinum.

Well you will be if you think of it that way. I think it was mentioned that you can get a 10 Plat daily once a week, and a 32 Plat daily once every two weeks. Yes, in addition to the 10 Plat.

…Honestly, Gearbox is playing fast and loose with the word “daily” with these things…

I have never counted the total amount so no idea. The devs did say the amount of plat coins a player can earn is limited to a specific amount during the month. So based on that, everyone should have earn around the same amount up to today (if they have done all dailies since day 1)

I have two accounts now stuck with:
Kill 3 Battleborn with your Ult.

Thanks! I didn’t read that, but knowing that makes me feel much better about it.

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198 as of writing.

230 by the time I finish the next daily. Let’s see what sort of discounts is applied this coming Saturday and Sunday.


it isn’t a motivation for me at all due to the low amounts. not enough to make me feel any desire to finish quests everyday or every week. Not enough to make sure I finish the ‘big’ one every two weeks. I feel a mild desire to do quests just for the blue currency.

looks like i could buy one thing in six months of casual play. An entire set of unique skins instead of color swaps would take me years and years. The platinum is badly designed if it is intended to motivate more playtime.

feels like a vertical wall with the slightest of slants. Intended as a completely unfeasible way to get skins/taunts compared to spending money.

more specifically, there is no addictive dopamine burst in these tiny amounts of platinum. Just a constant feeling of disappointment “Thats it?!”

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About 30. How much have i BOUGHT?

#OVER 9000!!

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