How much time have you put in TPS?

I created this thread to see how much time we are playing TPS. BL2 times are welcomed too. :blush:
Reason for including BL2 is those would be pretty large imo. I’d like to see them. :innocent:

I just ran across a vid of mine that shows my time on TPS as of 4/13/2016. Of course I have more time by now, but this is a start. pics aren’t required. its mostly out of curiosity. If you would rather type in your times, I encourage you to do so. Well, lets get this started…


I also want to mention that this is from my xbone. What would be more accurate is if I added my 360 time in with this. that would be my total time with Nisha. I’ll have to load it up and get that info.

Edit: I have now discovered that when you carry over your character from the 360, it keeps the time played from the 360 and has been adding to it on the xbone. so no need to load up the 360 and add the times.

Here is my most played characters in BL2.

778 hours for Sal

686 hours for Maya.

combined: 1464 hours with just those two.

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I’m at like 12 hours. Gonna be 1000+ before I know it


Between my 360 version and the hansdome collection on ps4. I have 800 hours in tps.

you’re almost at my mark, and mine is just the xbone. I can’t wait to see the time I’ve put into this game on my 360. It’s gonna be a big number. Same with bl2. I have never actually looked at my times. so this is very interesting to me. I just calc’d mine and I’m roughly at 875 hours for my xbone.

Edit/Correction: I have discovered the carried over characters form the cloud keep the time played from the 360 and adds to it on the xbone.

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You have me beat by alot of you also have alot of time in your 360. Havent been playing borderlands to much in the past couple weeks. Have to start up again.

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[quote=“rush86, post:5, topic:1404426, full:true”] Have to start up again.

It’s hard to leave the borderlands once your here lol


That’s true. Been playing since borderlands 2 first released in 2012. And i only ever took off a week or two here or there. Other than that ive played either 1, 2, or the pre sequel everyday.


Good times. I’ve had other games distracted me but borderlands is where I live. Well there and fire link shrine/majula/megaton/new Vegas and elpis


O my gosh, first of all I want to give a little comparison of game-times: my favorite franchise right after Borderlands is Final Fantasy with the following time-guesses for the most-played titles:
(FF 10-2: 2800 hours, FF 12: 600 hours, FF 13-Saga: 540 hours, FF 7/8/9: 500 hours total, FF 10: 200 hours)

Now for the Borderlands-Franchise:
Borderlands: 350 hours (played it first in early 2014)
Borderlands 2: 2200 hours (so addicting since release)
Borderlands TPS: 600 hours (still a great Game)

Yeah, i would call myself hardcore-ish


^that’s impressive.

I would consider you a FF guru with those times. :acmaffirmative:

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Not a guru, really. But I know how to beat the games in the versions, we europeans had first. But to overcome the “international” challenges (Major Numerus!!!) was something new for me in FFX/X-2. But hey, now I can kill Trema (FFX-2’s original superboss) at LV 25, though he is supposed to be fought at lv99.

Edit: What keeps me coming back for FFX-2 is the possibility to challenge myself in New Game+. Runs without Healer/support-dress, Speedrunning, no Maskot, low-level only (< lv 10) a.s.o. are just fun to do.

For Borderlands 2 and TPS, my friends ask me instead of searching the web, if they want to know something. And that says a bit about my knowledge. So there is that.

But enough derailment for now.

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292 hours in TPS and 2037 in BL 2. Right now I’m playing Battleborn and have 28 hours in it so far.

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I have a small 202 hours in TPS, and 479 hours in 2.

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Borderlands 2: 1100 hours
TPS: 650 hours
Almost done with Bdl2 but still playing TPS

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Nice. :acmaffirmative:

Aye. It’s a great game that I keep coming back to. :slight_smile:


Oh goodness…well, time to face the facts.

Main Athena: 405
Main Aurelia: 251
Claptrap: 225
Nisha: 42
Jack: 35
Second Athena: 119
Second Aurelia: 52

Though in my defense, I did powerlevel some of those characters, plus I tend to leave my game on and get sidetracked. Still a lot though.

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hmmm, almost afraid to look at mine, know I played BL 2 5 hours a day 7days a week from day one (some days longer, remember a few nights when the wife asked if I was ever coming to bed :grin: ) till TPS came out then I split my time. Wife may have me committed if she saw the amount of time I put into it, :wink:


These aren’t the exact numbers, I am trying to remember these from the last time I checked.

Wilhelm: 13 days
Athena: 6 days
Claptrap: 4 days
Nisha: 3 days
Second Wilhelm: 1 day
Co-op Claptrap: 2 hours
A Claptrap I made, but ended up deleting for some reason: 1 hour

So around 27 days since two weeks after release. And this is just the vanilla game with none of the DLCs. The time spent would certainly be much higher with those.

I might edit the exact numbers in once I get home to check these.

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This happens to me as well. With my 3 yr. old running around I tend to get pulled away from time to time.