How much time need gearbox to fix Marquis?

Seriously, this tard character hitting the sentry from his spawn in all the incursion games ■■■■ this mode, getting tired of this, and nothing can be done when all the team defend him.

Seeing this in every games, give us draft mode so we can ban him

how is this a problem with marquis? sounds like an issue with the map…

What’s more annoying than dealing with the Sentry snipe is trying to kill a Marquis using the “Only the tip of my hat is visible” snipe spot.

Hopefully this will also be addressed in the major patch which fixes the sentry snipe next week.

It’s getting fixed in an upcoming patch. Not sure which patch but they have acknowledged it and said it would be fixed.

I have made a suggestion to help fix the issue for that map in this thread

Notes I saw on Reddit indicated they’re completely changing that ramp/ledge area to prevent the completely-hidden-sniper nonsense.

first time on the forum, so hello, firstly. not really a fan of the game mode because of stuff like that and just how much incursion favors ranged characters. i prefer meltdown where both types of characters are equally viable. i have played a few incursion matches, however. while i have not run into a team running this strat, i can see where this would be annoying. pretty easy fix to just redesign small portions of the map. so far in my experience, the greater problem is currently galilea in general. she makes bad players average, and average players seem good. and she makes good players basically have training wheels in a game where at least most people are trying to play in a balanced, skilled way. i know from reading on reddit that gbx is going to fix galilea, and that is great news. only issue i have is that it seems like they might only be addressing half the problem: her mutations. hopefully a large dmg reduction is also inbound, as well as making the shield a slow and silence rather than a stun.

Yeap, fix the map, cause he’s not the only who can do this but he’s the better at it…

This issue is know since the beta, why they didn’t fix it before the release ?

Yeap Galilea is a little bit overpowered but you can still get rid of her, she have too much tool to control you and your team imo and perform in everything… Tank, damage, cc, counter heal, she’s having all what you want

All they have mentioned is making it so the stairs are on the opposite side. Now assuming they mean switching it to the other side but still be on the same side as the sentry then that isnt going to fix anything.

The biggest issue is marquis actually shoots through the wall to achieve it at times. If i try to counter snipe him all i can see is the top of his rifle after he his fired it is literally impossible to hit him. Only way to fix it would be to make the stairs be on the other side completely (so they are on the same side as the middle turret) but then that just grants the other team easy access to that spot and your sentry.

They need to change his POV so he cant see the sentry without his sprite being visable to the other team.

Nope, they just need to make a wall behind this spot who cover the sentry so this can’t be done, if you don’t play with a team and/or didn’t take any ranged, you can’t still counter this thing if they just make his head appears

Buddy its a map issue not character issue, you keep mentioning him, but specifically to the objective, not how OP he is. This is the simplest solution, have your team focus on the team and harras marquis off his ledge. If your team is not cordinated, alwys go with old trustworth and pick shayne/aurox, oscar mike and go stealth and harras him til he gives up.

And how i’m supposed to know that they’re gonna have a Marquis playing like this ? It’s blind pick we can’t make a team to counter them cause we don’t see what they pick

And what if i don’t like these battleborn ? Forced to play them because the map suck ?

I’m not gonna olay this game anymore until this ■■■■ is getting fixed anyway

Sure, go harass Marquis on his home turf, where the rest of the enemy team is probably waiting for you there as well.

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