How Much will Loot/Profile Levels Affect the Campaigns?

If gaming has taught me anything, it’s that harder difficulty=better rewards. I assume the same will be true for Battleborn’s campaigns. By farming better gear and leveling my profile, I’ll be able to take on harder missions and get better gear, but how much impact will loot and profile levels have on the missions?

Let’s go back to Borderlands 2. My biggest complaint with the game is how much character level affects the game. If an enemy is 10 levels higher than you, he’s damn near impossible to kill. If an enemy is 10 levels lower than you, you get 2XP and trash loot. This is a problem when I want to play with my friends and girlfriend. I play more often than they do, so my characters are much higher levels than theirs. Unless our characters are within 5 levels of each other, one of us is not going to have any fun playing.

Battleborn does away with that by having everyone start at level 1 at the start of the mission, which is great! Someone who has logged 40+ hours can be on an even playing field with someone who has logged 5. But what if my profile is a super-high level and I’m decked out in all legendary gear? Am I going to be bored one-shotting elites while my friend struggles to clear grunts? Am I going to be groaning at purple loot drops while my friend collects high-level gear he can’t even use?

Is the profile leveling system going to make me 10x more powerful, or will the perks be marginal like the Badass Ranks from BL2? Is the loot going to make me a one-shot wrecking machine, or give me juuuuust enough edge to change the game?

The main question is this: Can I have fun after 60+ hours playing with someone who just bought the game, or will our level and gear differences lead to “poor matches” like it did in Borderlands 2?


Randy mentions match making decisions in one of the smaller/shorter PAX interviews he did; the video I’m referring to is posted somewhere on this forum, but without sound on this work computer I can’t figure out which one.

I only played local co-op in BL2 so I can’t really speak to the match making experience, but I’m sure Gearbox has learned quite a bit about it to make improvements here.

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Hey @reincarN8ed -

My goal is to try and keep it very possible for a new player and experienced play to play together. As you point out, it’s a bit of a trick.

Command Rank (your account level) doesn’t affect you like Character Level does in Borderlands. You don’t get inherent power increases here.

Character Rank (character meta-level) will unlock new Mutations that you can choose as alternate Augments from your Helix menu in-match. Those are also not more inherently powerful; they just expand the amount of variety in builds you have available to you.

Gear likely WILL make you more powerful, both in Versus and Story. We’re still trying to nail down the RANGE of power increase here. In PvP, this will create power gaps where new players could get hard curb-stomped by players sporting legendaries. We will have skill-based matchmaking, though, so this should help to even that feeling out over time. In PvE, we are trying to work in gear that progresses you in growth to higher PvE difficulties. But, I think replay in our game will be for other reasons (score, loot, hearing alternate stories, challenges). There’s lots of reasons to reply that with newer players.

Also, twitch skill (FPS aiming and moving) and tactical skill (knowing how and when to engage with a specific character or skill) makes a big difference. Experienced players will be better still, but it’s not entirely about min-maxing the numbers for the game at casual levels. I expect high-ranked play will do this and get good benefit from it, but casual players should be able to enjoy they game at a casual level.


Thanks for the feedback @Jythri
Like I said, my girlfriend and I used to play alot of Borderlands 2 together, but as our level gap grew we found that we couldn’t play in each other’s games. If I joined her game, I was an unstoppable Avatar of Doom one-shotting entire mobs and making the game dull. If she joined my game, she spent the entire time hiding behind vending machines collecting XP because even a baby skag could kill her with one bite.

I’m glad to see that Battleborn’s progression is more horizontal, as opposed to BL2’s vertical progression.



He’s a really harmless one. Doesn’t bite or anything :smile:
You just gotta call and ask a polite question, and eventually you get a response.

So far, the Battleborn forum has been my best experience community-wise. Guess it can’t stay the same when the game gets released, but for now I’m really impressed.


Very kind, @TheFunFighter. I haven’t yet forgotten that I’ve promised you stuff. I many ways, this is our busiest month on the project, with the CTT coming up and release date ever-looming. I haven’t had the time on the forums that I’ve wanted, but that will get better over the next few months.

Thanks for keeping the flame going. More substance as soon as I can get a breath!


I gave you a huge bag of patience that you can throw at me, and it’s still far from running empty. Also I watched an interview from IGN with Randy Pitchford, that answered me a few questions already.
Although I was a bit worried that nothing but an occasional Twitter message came out. Suddenly everything was silent.
Btw: From the date mentioned in the official rules, checking facebook and discord, and not getting a message myself, I concluded that someone else than me or TatlTael that participated over Twitter has won the taunt contest. Do you know when the announcement will come out? I’m curious which entry will make it.

PS: Today I discovered the superiority of GIMP over, after spending last night on watching tutorials. My next pic should be up in an hour at most. 1920x1080 :slight_smile:

hey there, OP and others

there is a very simple way to make the field even if you play with new guys or your girl: just change your loadout (or empty it). The items you have in your bank will not automatically be available in a match, you have to chose 3 beforehand in a so called loadout. Like now in OpenBeta, my first match was with zero gear and I still out-performed the really new guys since I participated in CTT and knew my way around.

another way is to not play the very best character you have, but perhaps try to get on a supportive role and let your buddies / girl take on the big action, I do this often in RPGs / ARPGs when I want them to feel the fun ^^


So happy to have found this post! This completely sold me on the game after trying it out in beta with my girlfriend, and us both really liking it a lot. We started playing Orcs Must Die Unchained Beta with a small group of friends where the Account Level equivalent of Battleborn’s Command Level also determined how much damage a player does and how much health one has. We had such disparity in Account Levels that it wasn’t fun to play anymore. With BL2, we just had specific characters we made and only played together, which worked just fine. VERY happy to hear that other than loadout/gear availability, characters are all pretty much on par with each other. Pre-order has been placed! Bravo, on a game well made, Gearbox!

Nice! Welcome to the awesome BB community, then :slight_smile:

yeah it’s really that simple. Battleborn accounts with a high level / time invested just have more options, not more default power.

@reincarN8ed This is not Borderlands. You need to clear your head and reprogram your knowledge.
Whites are now the best and greens are second best, see its all upside down with Battleborn.
Now to answer your questions
Profile is only for unlocking charators and gear from the ingame shop.
Profile dose not affect your gameplay DPS or anything else.
Level and command Rank do not improve any DPS you dish out either.
What will make you stronger then lower level people is Loadouts you bring into Games.
Gearbox Balances this by making the most powerful Loadouts take a very long time to actervate.
What will matter a lot when playing Battleborn is knowledge and mastering one charator at a time.
How you play will make the difference between staying alive or not.
Basicy if your good then or cause your better then the others.
Knowing how and when to use all your powers at the correct times will prove if your a true Badass or not.
Battleborn is not about weapon power based on levels as that is removed in this game all together.
Battleborn is not about grinding biger shields or class mods, its about do I want to use what’s in my backpack strait away or do I want to be very week until the stronger stuff in my backpack can be turned on. Stronger gear is not based on what level anyone is instead Good gear is based on how much money you have after the game has stoped that you buy in the shop.
Good gear for me is gear I can use strait away as a healer I need that from the very start of any game. For you good gear is probably very different and colours mean nothing any more all they do is change the prise and time delay before you can use them. So yes people here are starting to talk builds and I say please talk about good builds for loadouts but you will need a loadout for your chosen charator as there all different and your own play style. Only you can decide what is correct for you and thats the srong point to why Battleborn is different then a very lot of other games.

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