How much work did you do today?

Or: what ingenious way did you procrastinate.

I read 200 pages of a book almost entirely unrelated to my field of study. :dukegum:


I made coffee, if that counts? It’s 8am here. Maybe I’ll come back later today with something worth bragging about :sweat_smile:


Does sleeping during the day count?
If yes: I work alot :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t even pretend to be productive.


Make me proud! :dukejk:

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Been playing Unreal Tournament 2004 against bots all day… So addictive… eye twitches.


I thought about stuff.

I got up early to get my hands on some lake time before the crowds got there: kayaked for two miles (3km), then ran two miles around half of the lake (where the trail was nice), hiked two miles around the other side of the lake (where the trail is ■■■■■), and got out of there before the crowds started at around 8am. Then I drove out to a very remote (as in, no people) lake and hiked around there for three miles scoping it out for future kayaking. Part of the reason it’s relatively uninhabited is the 60 minutes of brutal 4WD driving needed to get there and then there’s no lake access unless you half rock climb, half hike another mile to a break in the granite cliffs that wall off the lake (plus there are two burly gates to bar motorized equipment, which further keeps the riff raff out). I think I can get my kayak and gear there in two trips, but it’ll be an all-day thing. Here’s a picture of the second lake.


Now it’s time for some Borderlands while I rest and wait for the heat to dissipate :blush: I may take the dog to yet another lake for some swimming later.


Nothing productive to report.


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Does YouTube and Diablo with a side of tending to the barn animals count as work? If so I’ve been busy all day

I dealt with stupid people all day and had some ice cream.

Well I finally got to cr100 in battleborn, did some weight training, made an omelette, cleaned the house, made more coffee… pretty slow day!

I just woke up, so I haven’t done much. I did clean the kitchen and waste a lot of produce on a green smoothie that tastes like bitter strawberries. (I swear, they were sweet yesterday when I bought them??)

Absolutely none, I start at 9 and it’s only ten to. Once I start though the workload goes haaaarrrrrddddd.


I skipped a boring-looking conference today but did go to a library, although to be fair it was mainly to leech electricity and use Eduroam to do some much needed food shopping.

Sleeping until 4PM, and grocery shopping afterwards.

Does fixing a car and modifying the hardware on a laptop count?

Came to finish sculpting a Zer0 pendant and started an AURYN today, plus I came to continue making latex scales for a swimmable mermaid tail. Quiet productive today^^


What I’ve gathered from this thread:

Borderlands players are bums.

(No, I’ve no room to talk as of late. Lol.)

I´d prefer “Slacker with a profession in Procrastination” or artist^^