How often do you return to "Borderlands"

By that I mean…well I know you guys (and gals) all love BL2 and honestly it’s easy to tell why, it’s one hell of a game <3

But that’s not the reason for this topic. The real reason is do you ever return to a much simpler time…a time where things were much slower then they are now, where guns were…actually much harder to farm for (uggggh Orge!!!) do you ever replay “Borderlands” every now and then? If you do…how often do you return to it?

I stopped farming in BL1, but once or twice a year I start a new toon. Usually trying out different play styles/allegiance runs kind of stuff. BL1 will always be fun.

We do occasionally when we need a break from BL 2. It requires a slightly different mindset to play, so we don’t do it very often.

My PS3 is connected directly beside my PS4 just for this reason. Im currently leveling up a new Roland save in between TPS sessions, which is usually once or twice a week. I tend to make a day of it when I do though. I like all 3 BL games pretty much equally. Not much else I play.


Just went back to it today :smile:. I love TPS (BL2 a little less), but I don’t think you can get a better co-op experience than BL1; you can actually play a support sniper, team class mods have useful effects, and the mixture of daze and corrosion leads to some interesting team play dynamics. There is still so much it does better than its predecessors.

There really is no “returning” for me. BL1 is one of the few games I play rather consistantly.

It is my heart and soul.

I mean, if i had a soul.


“Often” is not a word I can apply to Borderlands. The last time I loaded it up was to check and verify that online servers were in fact on and working a few months back. I traded some items w/ a friend and was back out less than a half hour later.

I have a fondness for the game and characters but I haven’t played an actual game of Borderlands in a few years.

I always have BL1 in regular rotation. The loot system is so good that it always pulls me back in.

Only been playing 5 hours of BL2, nostalgic already for BL1 when I see footage.
The atmosphere, the world, the rifles, the sounds, the characters, the skill points, the enemy AI, the decent loot, lots to go back for. The only complaints I could come up with is that New Haven doesn’t feel as alive as Sanctuary because people don’t walk around and I think the humor in BL2 is better. I’m sure there’s plenty other good stuff too, but BL1 just has an X-factor BL2 doesn’t have in my opinion.

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Never. Just like TPS, a combination of the scaling and the overpowered character skills render the game unenjoyable for me.

I revisit every borderlands every year. Sometimes twice. Example, Borderlands 1 I revisited earlier this year and just last month. Borderlands 2 sporadically throughout the year. And a ton of presequel this year. I’ve got 2.9 characters to level 70 but next year I’ll likely be taking my Wilhelm and Nisha to level 70 (and maybe even claptrap). Borderlands 2 I’ve been feeling the itch to play more of too. I’ll probably take a character through every mission on the handsome collection to get all the achievements again there.

I start playing other stuff to intentionally experience other games but borderlands is the only one I play this thoroughly. Destiny has come close around Taken King’s release but Borderlands hooks me more than anything.

Intentionally or not they each have their own plusses and minusses. I’d like to mix and match sometimes. Like playing as Athena in Borderlands 1 or 2. Or the loot system of Borderlands 1 in Borderlands 2.

Yea by the time I finished a playthrough I did like it, some of the changes they made worked really well, but just didn’t show up in the first half of the game or took a little time to get used to. I do like the weapon variety for example.

I usually pick it back up for a month or so about twice a year for a change of pace. Usually start a new game, go through 2.5 to the point where all I can really do is farm craw or the armory, then go back to BL2. TPS has kind of the same draw, and I really do enjoy that game, for after all this time playing BL2, there is still so much content I haven’t even touched

I play through normal twice a year or so, but I don’t like the lack of endgame. I’ll probably be similar with TPS. BL2 is easily my favorite game, ever.

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