How often does terramorphous his unique's and legendarys?

Never really farmed him, and it seems really rare.

It is, just, if you love your sanity, don’t farm, they are rare as heck. Unless you can easily solo farm him in less than a minute, I don’t recommend it, and if you want PERFECT parts, just, enjoy insanity, I know Krieg and I do.

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I farmed him for 2-3 hrs a day for 2 weeks on TVHM as a 72. My goal was to get Head and Skin drops, and also just to get his drops. 25-30hrs, 2-3 mins from start to finish and I’ve gotten 5 Pitchforks (4 fire and 1 corrosive), 2 Hides, 3 Skins, 4 heads (Axton head twice), 4 Blood relics, 1 Fire of Terra, 1 Breath of Terra. Very painful and also fun because I kept track on my road to getting all head and skins drops from him and Vermi lol. Good Luck