How Old Are The Battleborn?

I believe kelvin since it seems the fungi were kinda created by eldrid, also fun fact of the day, the reason kelive has not completely formed arms and legs (one is like rock super skinny, other ice) is because there was a large number of kelvites that have been lost/killed

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Oh cool, yeah like I said I don’t know anything about Kelvin’s age, but had an incling that the bits and pieces that make him up had been around for a long time…

Kelvin could really possibly be the oldest one there is and yes his lore is cool (pun unintended) indeed
Also kelvin, if ever fully formed, may be REALLY powerful

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Epic as per usual, cheers!

yeah, with some estimates in there.
Most of them are based on a date of an event the person was alive for from the lore, with extrapolation of how old the person would have been when that event took place.

And I am wrong on (at least) two of my ages, I went back and had the current date wrong.

Thorn is at least 90 - 100 (based on induction into the Woodsworn in 19897), probably older.
Mellka is probably about 60 (darkening of Farhallim in 19904, it implies Mellka was still a young child then)

Kelvin is technicaly not an individual person, but a whole civiliation which takes form of the Golem we see.

So I agree that Kelvin and Miko, as remnant of Mikolopria, may be the oldest beings in the entire cast. Close followed by Boldur & the Jennerit characters.

I wonder how old Aurox is, his species is rather interesting and could grew incredibly old.

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Is it true that Aurox is formed from / made of Shards?

nope he is made of balloons :grin:


I should really get on Kelvin’s lore at some point, Miko and Kelvin are fascinating.

maybe legos?


No, as I understood his lore the Guayota (his species) are energy beings (dschinn-like) who consume energy in huge doses. He´s not made of shards, but similar to shards he can store energy in his stone-like body.
Aurox species “eats” the emitted energy from shards, batteries, any form of heavy energy. Because of this the LLC tried to erradicate his species.

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Boldur is 2000+ years, Thorn is probably in her snotty teenage years. Toby is 26. Kleese, according to ghalt, looks to be about 100~

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He was 26 when going to the UPR. He’s probably like 30+ now.

Are we forgetting the aviants probably age different like what @Corrsk said with pendles, also @FlamesForAll aurox may actually be as old as kelvin, I mean he is made of sub energy and was the alpha of his pack, plus kelvin and aurox have dialogue that hints the have KNOWN each other (long time known each other)


Penguin years!

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Why does aurox speak English but kelvin doesn’t then?

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Could be cause he’s tethered to Shayne

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What Vicks, said he has been with her for a while, plus his species probs learned too from when they overheard English speaking humans while eating energy