How on earth does she stay alive with a raid?

So I have been studying the skill tree and was all set to start this new character when it hit me like a ton of bricks

No way this character lives through a raid fight solo.

And I love to raid!..Solo and coop…but I want at least a slim chance of winning solo.

In coop it looks far moe doable with some contracts.

But solo??

She lacks defensive skills for a Raid fight badly IMHO.

Am I seeing this wrong?

There have been a lot of topics on this but I’m in the camp that its too early to say. She has some powerful healing but its dependent on kill skills. The bigger issue for me is the only raid half the time doesn’t have a crit spot and most of the time has a shield with a character that is cryo and crit based.

pitchfork and the like do work on the big phase in regular versions so I would assume that would be the way to go there, but what I really want to see is a video of someone doing well against the first phase of the raid on UVHM.

Yeah, and Athena is only good with Shock and Fire.

It baffles me how people utterly fail to realize the difference between skill design and actual restrictions.

As it stands now, the only raid boss is Sentinel v2, correct? Judging it through the lens of BL2, it seems like kind of a push over. I’m sure they won’t pose too much of a problem for someone who took on raid bosses in BL2 at OP8.

Really only two ways I see to do the sentinel…with any character really

One is much more risk and hope you can get out of FFYL…a lot

The other is to tank big time…realizing the fight will drag out…which presents other problems and risks…

Doesn’t look to me like the Lady could tank this fight…in any fashion.

And her big firepower skills don’t appear to match this Raid.

Gonna be a challenge unless someone can figure out some magic…

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A vibra pulse is the only thing that can keep me alive during the second phase of the sentinel fight.

Only one raid boss, and only its first phase is an issue.

First phase, all I can really do with her is get a shock gun and slowly wittle it down, sending ice shards at the minions for health leech. Its super hard to hit with snipers, because its so stick thin, dashes around, and deflects bullets.

The second phase though, is always super easy. Just stand directly underneath its chin, jump up point blank with a shotgun or jacobs sniper rifle and blast away.

Something else I’ve found that helps though, is using an Express shield with Bitter Riposte, so at least you have constant ice shards doing additional damage on things.

Well I might not understand Athena well but I think she’s not only good with Shock and Fire. Indeed, she needs to deal shock or fire damage to gain stack. But you can gain a lot of stacks just by throwing Storm Front or other Tesla grenade and then use weapons of other elemental effect such as explosive and corrosive. So Athena is not only good with Shock and Fire, but with all elemental, as long as she has means to deal shock and fire damage, be it effective to the target or not.

The only things that won’t get reflected during the first phase are grenades including tediore throws, beam lasers, melee attacks and flak. Choose your poison. Or - wear an absorb shield and use any shock gun you like

Second phase you can mostly strip his shield with a droog, and then attack with a crit skullsmasher with added cryo for double crit damage.

Which is exactly my point.

Saying Athena is only good with Shock/Fire is the same as saying Aurelia is only good with Snipers, or in co-op.


Oh haha sorry Sljm, for misunderstanding your comment :laughing:

All good. Sarcasm and text-based media have a troubled relationship.

So @abvex found a simple way around the first phase, its called a badaboom and it comes in shock

how well does it work vs ammo consumption? I’m willing to try multiple things and I would love to have one of those for this fight for second winds alone, but I generally try to avoid rockets as main weapons due to ammo issues lol. I really like shock/cryo snipers for the second phase and due to massive crit spot will backpack the same types of hails, but the first phase is just tricky, yo. I might end up just vibra pulse and reogenator along with 3DD1 and see if that works to keep me alive through the first phase. Just about to get to this point on mine.

Well there are 3 shield phases you have to worry about, with 33 rockets that isn’t an issue.

And there’s always the Celestial Baroness class mod which regens rocket ammo.

Edit: Well, it seems I was wrong. But I thought I’d remember it doing it. Strange.

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Righto, and there’s stuff like the sham and the logan’s gun which we all remember all too well from BL2 and the shamfleeting

I don’t think you are understanding this, in TVHM it only takes a shot or two per phase and full disclosure I have not done this on UVHM. I highly doubt it will take more than 11 shots per phase, ammo should not be an issue. If it is wear a duality that boosts shock damage during those first 3 phases. You could also toss stormfronts to help out as well if you needed, but again AMMO ISSUE NO!

I did not mean to cause controversy… I will farm for le badaboom (need a level 60 one anyway) and see how it goes. That fancy alien is going down!