How progressive and open minded are gearbox

what the title says how open and progressive to discussions are gearbox they support lgbtq and black lives matter just like Bethesda

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It is a fine line in which can get you the boot for saying the wrong thing. They also label themselves more PC with BL3, however the CEO can be very vocal on his own agenda:


The Berner

Is there any info on how much money gearbox or 2k donated to black lifes or black charities before the flogging bull run that happened to the poor guy I mean look they say black lives matter so they must have been donating to black out reach programs charaties etcetera before this sad tragedy happened

Who cares lmao. They are supposed to make good games, not political messages.


I suspect the mods would say this isn’t really the place for such discussions. They tend to turn into moderation nightmares.

well they blacked out for a week so what is your response to that

I’m asking a good question to follow up on black lives matter if gear box wants to shut down a discussion about how black peoples lifes matter than they can but they showed support so this topic should have thier full endorsement

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Judging from your pfp(even if it is a joke) you have no room to be asking about what gearbox does for charity

Randy once again with his finger on the pulse.

  • Every rational person : the problem is racism. We need to do everything we can to promote intercultural harmony.

  • Randy :

I guess he’s learned how to tweet from the master.


So you are judging me solely on looks and your own bias says more about you than me mate

I don’t think the question is invalid, but perhaps it is being asked in the wrong place. Given the amount of people who participate in the community from the customer base is larger than the number of Gearbox employees that participate, the odds of someone answering you seems slim. In terms of a discussion, there have been many threads discussing tangentially related topics that have quickly devolved into ad hominem attacks and strawman arguments that became circular. So while I think the question has some validity I also think that it is more likely to end up being a waste of time than productive. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an interracial same sex marriage to preside over.