How Rare are Kings/Queens Call?

Been farming Tyreen for nearly 2 hours now, on Mayhem 3 while offline for the old loot drop rates, with 10% luck bonus from guardian ranks and the Loaded Dice relic for increased luck, and still no Queen or Kings Call.

Not that rare. They also just got a nerf in the recent hotfix, so don’t think its worth farming for them unless you dont plan on playing online for awhile.

Where is the nerf for king’s call/queen’s call? I wasn’t able to find anything in the patch notes.

edit; i just saw they posted hotfixes for the today

Not very. It’s actually almost a guaranteed drop from Tyreen.

What makes them rare are the elements it comes in and the anointments it has. I’ve seen many fire King’s but I don’t think I’ve come across a shock one yet, even though I know they exist. Same with corrosive Queen’s.

Finally got a Fire King’s Call after nearly 3 hours of farming. During that time I got about 40 other legendary drops.

I just started farming Tyreen tonight and, granted I’ve only killed her 3 times on normal mayhem 1, I haven’t gotten a queen’s/king’s call so it’s definitely not guaranteed. I’m barely getting any drops over rare.

Don’t know who you’ve been farming cos I’ve atleast killed her 50 times and only got 1 cryo queens call

Got a lvl 34 queen’s call from her the first time i fought her(and i was lvl 40)…guess i’ll have to go back and say hi…

They are not that rare. I’ve been farming them hoping for anointed ones. I got an inventory full, but only two Rakk anointed ones. I’m wondering if I should be playing Siren to get the Phasecast one?

I’ve gotten one every few runs against her. Maybe just good luck?

Seen this went online to do a some runs then got queen’s corrosive straight away.

Might have to level Fl4k now I have it