How rare are the Aquamarine Snipers?

Has anyone out there had any luck obtaining an Aquamarine Sniper from Butt Stallion. I have just about given up now, wondering whether they actually exist?

I’ve seen pics posted in the Item Find of the Day thread so keep at it- your luck might change…:santa:

I got a Jericho… took maybe 300 Eridium? Just depends on your luck. I’ve never gotten a Citrine Gatling Gun in the thousands of Eridium I’ve fed Butt Stallion in my BL2 career for example.

I am having no luck at all it seems with those snipers, but I was lucky enough to get the Citrine Gatling gun a few weeks ago. Today she pooped out a Legendary Kerblaster…huh! not what I need. So out of 500 Eridium I get a 100 feeds, only 18 of those were where she rises to poop out a special, and sadly 13 of them were pistols. All that hard earned Eridium for nothing. I am sure she knows what we are after? I`ll keep at though…as Carlton_Slayer said, my luck might change!

I got mine today = ] Just keep trying!!

Nice one!!

I was wondering…what is so special with the Aquamarine Snider ??
I mean, unless it’s special skin, does it have any hidden abilities ??

not beyond the normal gemstone stuff: a bit of crit and bullet reflection

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They shouldn’t be rare anymore. They just couldn’t “Exist” due to a bug where they’d spawn as SMGs instead pre-october 25

Hooray!! I have finally got myself a Aquamarine Snider, a fire variant…Looks great, and performs well :heart_eyes: