How should I build my Zane

You see I’m having trouble deciding on what My Zane going to be. I have idead on what each of the classes. Moze a walking armor machine gun, Amaza an element brawler, and Fl4k a disappearing sniper. but as for Zane, I found it hard decision on what to make him into. I mean I could go down double agent tree and down either the trees but if I go donw the blue one then I miss the skill that can bring up my skills a lot more often. Going donw the green means I won’t get into the speed bost damage. Right now I have somthing that mixes a big of all three trees. I was thinking of his play makes him a fast-moving hitter so I think I build it somthing like this so tell me what you think of it.

Donnybrook is better than duct tape mod for damage. Also you don’t need much borrowed time because you are going CCC. Also charged relay does not work when you hold shield. However deterrence field will stagger enemies you touch(since you are further down the tree). You can have stnl drop grenades since you are going that way, also death follows close will make up for missing supersonic man. I always say play it like you build it, however if I would change it up a bit, it would be like this: (more mag, more dmg, rest stays same)

If you do own the DLC and you only go down the green tree for CCC, I’d say just get the Seein’ Dead classmod, ditch the green tree entirely and make sure to go down the blue tree for at least two points in good misfortune instead and if there’s any points left, try to get as many kill skills from the orange and blue tree as possible.

Aside from what other folks have said, I’d change up your Augments. Winter’s Drone is better than Bad Dose, especially as you’re running CCC, and to help with staggering tough enemies (including Badasses, etc) I’d swap Retaliation for Deterrence Field. The amount of enemy shields it drains when you melee them with the barrier picked up is great, too.

I would not recommend deterrence field if you want to relax while playing. The disturbed field of view is annoying as hell.

For leveling you may not like it much till you can at least get CCC and a good cryo gun. Id level as clone drone till you can get CCC. Zane is more of a what gear do I have lets build a spec that works with that kind of character than a he is XXXX. Especially if they fix his other class mods to not basically force one type of spec.

High speed builds with deterrence field will test your ability to play with a lot of fx in your face. (add a Red suit for maximum level of craziness)

This is the essence of Zane. Sit with this concept for a while then look at the gear you have and pick some things that look fun to use then try to build around that gear. Take it for a spin to see what’s working and what’s not then make adjustments then rinse/repeat.