How should I format a post for a build that I want to post?

Even though I’ve been playing bl2 for about 3-4ish years, I just logged into the forums for the first time about a month ago. Can someone show me how to format one of my builds that I want to post, and if I need to, record gameplay of it? (I play on console :skull:)

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Your best bet is to go to the relevant character section, check out some of the builds, and follow the same outline. There are certain requirements if you want your build listed in the Master Build List for that character, which are outlined in the top post of the thread with the same name in each character section.

You’ll find general formatting and editing information for the forum platform here: NEW FORUM BASICS.

Note also this post, which gives a useful summary of relevant colour choices etc. and how to code them:

You don’t need to record gameplay, but it doesn’t hurt to include it. Just paste a link to wherever the video lies after you’ve made it available (YouTube, Twitch,, etc.) directly into your post (don’t use the link tool!) and the video should show up.


There are a few things you should include :

  • the build obviously. The skill calculator here. Comments on the relevant skills should be there. Many builds explain what the skill is which is a waste of text - just why you chose the skill over another.
  • ALL the gear : guns, shields, relics, grenades and most importantly COMs.
  • what makes the build different/special ; what its strengths and weaknesses are. Play style too.

Check the master build list for examples. I linked the Zer0 one as it seems that’s who you’re playing.

Both VH101 and I have posted / ported a lot of builds, so happy to help with any of the minutiae. @Piemanlee also does a mean build.


Thanks a lot, I was really curious to get some opinions on a build.

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The only thing I’d add would be to scan through the existing builds and see if something identical or very similar has already been posted - there’s considerable variety at level 50, but things start to converge for level 72 builds just because you’re filling out so much of the skill tree. Then again, small differences can make for a better fit to certain gear choices and play styles, so being similar to another build isn’t necessarily a bad thing.