How should I level? Just finished the campaign

So I just finished the campaign 2 days ago, I’ve been killing killavolt at mayhem 5 to level grind and I level every few kills. The only problem I’m having now is he’s killing me in 1 maybe 2 hits. I can beat him without getting hit but sometimes he’ll teleport behind me into a rush and catch me off guard. Is there a better place to grind exp? Should I drop the mayhem levels and just kill him regular? It takes me about 4-5 min per kill. I’m using moze with most of my skill points in the splash skills with a mayhem 3 level 37 Ruby’s wrath currently level 40.

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I usually switch to True Vault Hunter Mode and go from there.

  1. clear normal mode as you see fit
  • side missions
  • trials
  • takedowns
  • crew challenges (vehicule parts, targets, hidden claptraps…)
  1. farm a bit to get updated equipment (shield/grenade/artifact/…)
  2. go into TVHM, repeat !

Probably sounds silly but I wanted to max my level before trying out tvhm. Seems like that and side missions are my best option though, I’ll try that out instead of farming killavolt next time I get a chance to play.

side missions and crew challenges should net you decent amounts of xp.

You can repeat trials, circles of slaughter and takedowns at will.
The bandit circle, on Pandora, is one of the fastest sources of xp if you can handle it.

Plus, playing as Moze, if you spec into a full-bear setup, you might go above M5 without too much trouble (beware when out of bear, though).

If you have the DLC, one of those might top you off, too, if you’re intent on it.

I think I’ll give these a go, what do you guys think about the mayhem level? Should I just drop it? Only reason I raised it was for the exp bonuses, i know farming gear is kinda pointless if you’re not max level already.

If you have the first DLC you can farm scraptrap without restarting you game.
If not, Graveward is the best and quicker in the game.

You can also ask friend to do the MW takedown with you.


If you have the Handsome Jackpot DLC. Play that through to the Scraptraps and complete the mission. Then do them over and over. You don’t have to save/quit, just go out to the ledge of the shipping container and it all resets. Fastest way to level up so far that I’ve seen. Power leveled up quite a few friend’s characters that way.

I was doing killavolt because I learned if I kill myself he respawns. Also the fact that he only has 1 attack that can hurt me with a transformer on is also nice. I have the dlc completely forgot about those too until you guys mentioned it.

Also do the BL Science Game and buy the XP booster, it’ll make the XP farming process go quite a bit faster. Especially if you Scraptrap farm.

Turn on mayhem mode n kill $#!@&€ bad guys!

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys, they definitely gave me some ideas on what to so with my limited game time.

Another tip - check your artifacts! Moxxi’s Endowment artifacts provide XP boosts from combat. The level 60 ones are up to 11%.
For fast levelling, I put on one of these coms and go to the Scraptrap nest. It took maybe 3 to 4 runs to go from 53 to 57, and 57 to 60 doing this.

Go to the compactor and farm Scrap Traps until 60, feel free to use the highest mayhem mode you can survive. Make sure you have Lootsplosion as a modifier so that you get Legendary drops from the Scrap Traps as well. Happy leveling.

P.S. True Vault Hunter mode is pointless

If you are specifically looking to cap the character before moving on to DLC or TVHM I would recommend doing circle of slaughters. The bandit one in particular seemed to turn out exp the fastest from what I noticed playing them as the optional objectives seemed super easy to complete and completing those felt like a substantial boost to the quest reward exp turning it in after the last round.

Jump straight to mayhem 10, buy weapons out of a machine, farm gigamind until you get a hell shock, do whatever.

Other than that you could just play the game and not worry about level. Just try to enjoy the journey.

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Farming Agonizer is pretty quick.

If you want max level before going TVHM the best spot is to farm scrap trap in the Handsome Jackpot.

In my first Playthrough I wanted to go max level before Tvhm and just killed Graveward over and over, took me only 6-7 hours go to get from 43 to 60, played Fl4k and he gives you the loot too so if you can kill him fast, I think thats a good XP farm later on, but also heard the Scaptraps farm is pretty good too