How should I open golden chests?

I’m gonna open it when I reach max level, but does putting it to Mayhem level 10 increase the loot stats?

I personally wouldn’t bother waiting. There’s a continuing stream of additional keys, and you’re not guaranteed legendaries from it anyway. Just hit it during levelling whenever you want to find something a bit better than what you currently have and aren’t seeing relevant drops in the wild.

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But does putting it to mayhem level 10 do anything?

That I’m not sure about - I haven’t tried it on different mayhem levels. I’d still recommend not waiting to use keys though - there are going to be more. Might as well cash some in as you go.

Edit: @ZONeill - so I checked, and the chest contents are at least mahyem-levelled (and can also spawn with anointments). I was getting 1 legendary per key at MH2 at first. But they were all world drop legendaries. Mostly, you get purples and the occasional blue.

By end-game, you’d probably be more likely to want some of the top tier designated drop items, and I’m not sure you’d get those from the Golden Chest (chests generally have their own rules for generating loot).

I also discovered that if you leave the chest open long enough, it spews out the contents on to the floor and closes itself.

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Hang on a sec… gonna test this right now.

(edited after some rookie variable control maneuvers)

Yes, the gear that comes out of the Sanctuary chest will be at whatever Mayhem Mode you are on. No need to leave, just adjust the slider and open.

I loaded the game, was at MM10, opened the chest, and got this:

I changed the slider to MM4, re-opened the chest, and got this:


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Can you put mayhem mode on just to farm the gold chest ? For example I’m on mayhem mode1 or 2, can I put it on 3 for better loot then go back to 1 or 2 when I’m done farming ?

You can change it to whatever you like. As @Adabiviak noted above, you may need to FT away from Sanctuary and back to get the changed level to apply, as Sanctuary does not reload the map when you can just change the mayhem level then open the chest. (Updated to reflect Ada’s edit)

I’m not sure you’ll necessarily get ‘better’ loot if by that you mean more chance of legendaries though? Higher mayhem level items will obviously have the mayhem scaled damage, but if they spawn with bad parts they won’t necessarily be ‘better’ than lower level items either.

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OH MY GOD, MAN. What a shame it wasn’t still on M10… that Quickie you got is AMAZING. It’s 2x, it has a mag size of 2, and it has a perfect anointment for Deathless Moze.

I’m up to 110 keys in my wallet.
I found them and the chest a little bit useful during my first playthrough.

But I found that as you play through the game normally you find so many good guns and legendaries that the chest doesn’t really add a whole lot, and you can leave the good stuff in your bank for future VHs to pick up.

So while you might occasionally find something you really like from the chest, playing normally gets you as good or better stuff.

Of course, I felt the same way in BL2, I’m kinda anti-Chest in general. Many many people disagree with me on that, and I’m OK with that :slight_smile:

Honestly while playing though the game I never found the need to use the chest. Between the large number of bosses and named enemies in side missions I was almost always using blues or better. Even after the difficulty adjustments I never had an issue being well equiped and usually slightly over over leveled.

BL2 I usually used the chest after each Slaughter Dome to make the next segment of the game a cake walk. I also used it time and again during UVHM playthroughs when I couldn’t get decent elemental weapons.

Just like you did when you blew up Bone Bringer … with your back turned and not even looking at the explosion …

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fires up video recorder and a Golden Key…