How should Ties be handled in Multiplayer?

So, currently, if you tie in multiplayer, the winner is determined by “Average Player Score”.

Player Score at the end of the match is decided based on Kills and Assists (2 pts per kill and 1 pt per assist).

To me, this feels bad and doesn’t make a lot of sense considering the objective-based gameplay.

What are some thoughts as to other ways that ties could be settled?

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Personally, I think that Average Player Level makes more sense than score.

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I would imagine at the end of most games, the average player level would just be 10. They’re clearly looking to not have a tonne of ties.

Maybe the average player score could be augmented with minion kills/shards spent/thralls hired?

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I say overtime. what the average spawn time for minions? In meltdown it should go something like 3 spawns, or 5 minutes, whatever is shorter. I think this will make for a crazy endgame with people frantically buying big minions and turrets and such, trying to grab enemy shards, risking their lives.

Incursion could be the same way, give it a few minion spawns and then see if one team can get an advantage after 5 minutes, and then that team will win.


No respawns after time runs out, but continue gameplay for another couple of minutes to see if one team gets the advantage.

I’m a fan of not ending based on score because the game is more than kills and assists. There is a lot of building and support going on.


I really like this. It encourages the team-deathmatch scoring that they are implementing without it feeling so cheap at the end.

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Maybe. Similar to the “overtime” idea. After a tie players will spawn into a smaller map with the two sentries with only buyable minions and they have a few minutes to take an advantage. (For the sentries mode)

I reckon overtime would just be unnecessary padding and matches will begin to overstay their welcome. It makes sense to base it off score.

Why is this not a fair option? I feel like player kills is a perfect way to handle a tie breaker.

Because of two reasons:

  1. It’s an objective based game. Kills are secondary.
  2. Because it’s not just kills. Your team can have more kills and less deaths, but still lose a tie because of some weird assist-distribution.
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So if kills are secondary then that is perfect for a tie-breaker since it has nothing to do with the primary objective

Not necessarily. A tie breaker should be something that is linked to the primary objective to show that the victor did work towards the primary better than the other.

Minion deaths would probably be a good one since they emphasize them in the voice overs.

Well if you don’t kill other people then you won’t do a good job at the objective, ever think about that?

That’s not strictly true. There are low death games and games where the victor had significantly fewer kills than the loser. I’ve played in all sides of that.

It’s like any MOBA or MOBA-esque game. Kills are like gems on a dagger. They help, but they’re not the point.

Like you said, kill is secondary, so if you tied in the primary objective you should use the secondary, sounds alright for me

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But then, why not make it based on “Kills” rather than “Based on score”? Why even have the score stat?

Maybe they should base it on deaths first, then score, since sometimes minions do actually get the kill.

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Sounds great. I love it.

True, had a match end in about 5 minutes today because Benedict came out of nowhere and plastered our Sentry, it was no bueno.

Completely agree with Zarnias. Battleborn score system should have nothing to do with tiebreakers, nor should kills. Getting kills does not directly add to your overall team goal it does indirectly remove a player for a set time but doesn’t add points in Meltdown or Sentry damage in Incursion so its secondary to the point of the game and is not a valid tiebreaker

Though I would be open for a No respawns version of a overtime.

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The current method for scoring is great. If a tie occurs, using the kills/assists is good because it will accurately judge the way in which the individuals of each team played the game. Teamwork will show as a good team that works together and protects each other will usually end with a higher score.

Incursion matches that end at 50/50 are usually long matches that are very intense. Come from behind victories are some of the most prized victories a good player can have.

I’ve played many many incursion matches. An example as to why I think the current system is good, and needs no change is this.

I have a party of two of us who have played many matches together and know the game well. We are paired with 3 player below level 15. The other team consists of 5 players between lvls 20-40. Considering our levels it’s a fairly even match (my friend and I are both 50+).

The other team pushes constantly but extremely disorganized. With good teamwork and my friend being a incredible Miko, we kill the players on the other team over and over. They push to far in, over estimate their abilities, and don’t retreat when they should. To further their push, they decided to spam elite bots and thrall minions non stop. Our fellow lower levels were struggling, but over the course of the match as low of level as they were, slowly started playing well.

We were playing the objective doing everything we could defend our first sentry 10 to 15 min into the match, but it goes down from the sheer zerging tactics we were up against. The enemy kept up the same tactic, and we kept defending and picking them off since they were not working together as a team. As their revive timers started to increase though, their push slowed.

Jump to 3 minutes left, and we are right at their first sentry, and dump everything we have on it. We destroy it with less than 1 minute left in the match. Who was the better team.

Of course we took the victory from them. I’m sure they were quite upset to lose. But examining the scores, we had well over 2 times the score they had. My friend as Miko had 15+ kills himself with almost 150k healing. We died once each. The other team… all of their KD’s were negative. Even our low levels pulled positive KD’s. Now, obviously we had way more kills, but if we were not also playing the objective we would have lost our last sentry bot.

The game should not reward teams for zerging tactics and poor teamwork if the match results in a tie. I don’t know 100% how the scoring works, but some of the other stats would be okay to be factored in. Spawning thrall and spamming them non stop should count against a team’s score in my opinion. Gearbox made the right call with the scoring system how it is now, though everything I’m sure could use a little touching up.

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