How strong is actually Sub-Sequence Maya on OP0?

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(Carlton Slayer) #2

Pretty cool :sunglasses:

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Hey tnx :slight_smile:

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #4

The Fastball certainly helps :laughing:

It’s so rare that I see Sub Sequence used with a regular Phaselock. With Thoughtlock, the enemies are converging on themselves because infighting, Sub Sequence re-triggering Converge, and they’re largely ignoring you that you can sort of stand in the fracas with Blight Phoenix on and just let them roast.

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I didn’t go for Thoughtlock because I didn’t use any guns so without xhair its really difficult to aim with Fastballs throw.

(kbk160008) #6

I suddenly had an idea. You can solve the problem by using a monitor that displays the cross hair or by displaying it directly on the monitor.

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Yes you can do that, but then hiting with Fastball won’t be that satisfying :slight_smile: