How tall are the vault hunters?

I’m really interested in what people think.

Feels like flak is 2,5 meters and amara 1,2 meters.
And if you want it in a weird length, 8 feet and 4 feet. Something like that :sweat_smile:

You’re using the metric system. So you say flack is 6,6 and amara is 3 feet ahahahah I dont understand this system

Not quite.
He’s saying Fl4k is 8’2 and Amara is 3’11.

However, I think that’s probably not quite accurate, Amara isn’t all that tiny.

My guess would be:
Fl4k: 2,3 meters/230 cm/7’6
Amara: 1,65 m/165 cm/ 5’5
Moze: 1,6 m/160 cm/ 5’3
Zane: 1,85 m/185 cm/ 6’1


Theres no way flack is 8 or 7. There has only been one human who has been 8 feet tall. And 7 foot That’s nba players height. I’m from america so I know how tall things are. I’m six foot two. Tannis is almost as tall as flack when you emote. If I had to ques flack is at least 6’4 or 6’5 or 6’6 Zane 6’2 amara 5’7 moze 5’4. Ect.

I know your wrong cause 3’11 that’s midget height. Sorry gearbox dont mean to offend anyone. But dont forget you guys have said midget before.

There has been many people who have been 8 feet tall I’m sure but it’s really rare and you will have many problems in life. I know fl4ck is a robot but that’s still too tall in my opinion.

Yeh, looked through some stuff again and you are probably right. Fl4k seems to be a little smaller than Zer0 and Zer0 is 1,93m or roughly 6’4, although it’s a little tough to compare because Fl4k doesn’t really seem to stand upright but rather a little hunched over with somewhat spread legs whereas Zer0 (at least as NPC) is rather upright so they might be the same size.

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Yea you could be right. I thought zero was 75 inches but fl4k may be taller but who knows with that hunch. :+1: I’m playing moze and fl4k right now. I heard that they are not in meta anymore but dont feel like starting over Zane and amara.

Moze isn’t really in a great spot right now but Fl4k is actually doing quite well, simply because Fl4k still has some of the best single target damage output in the game and well… That’s kind of useful for things like the new Takedown.

Zer0’s height has actually been confirmed in promotional material, though oddly his height was stated in hectometers.

Cool beans. Nice pic by the way.