How the Band of Sitorak / Other While-Shield-Depleted Exploit Works

I did some testing after some confusion in the Moze thread came up about whether or not using the Band of Sitorak (or shields like the Ward) was abusing an exploit.

Some of us noticed it a lot, some of us sometimes, some of us didn’t notice it. But everyone wanted wanted to know for sure as it can make legitimate builds abusing exploits.

Thought some people outside that circle would like to know.

TLDR: It can be abused even after the “fix” that was released some time ago.

Here’s the video of how I got it to work:

So the reason it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t is because I was swapping guns to self damage. The Ogre being kinetic, without skill points or a class mod I wasn’t able to break the shield without multiple hits.

The shock Cutsman was able to shatter my shield in a single hit. The bug only works when your shield is broken in a single hit. This is why it’s so prevalent with the Band of Sitorak, its capacity is low.

Moze is able to boost the Sitorak over 6k where it doesn’t happen consistently enough to really be taking advantage of any exploit. Much fewer enemies hit for 6k, let alone multiple in the mob you’re fighting.

If the shield is not broken in a single hit, the exploit is removed and the damage stack is reset. While this is an exploit, it’s not usually build changing. If you’re doing Takedown runs or Slaughters you’ll notice it a lot more with an original capacity Sitorak.

Wouldn’t mind a fix for this as the Band of Sitorak is one of Moze’s best shields and exploits like this make builds illegitimate.

I wouldn’t call any build that can have this happen with other While-Depleted-Bonuses wrecked though, as it’s not at all consistent with other shields.


So what is the bug exactly? the depleted shield bonus stacks multiple time as long as the shield is removed in one hit?

Yup, you got it. That’s exactly what happens.


Thanks for the post… this isn’t something I’d toy with (not that interesting), but the mechanics themselves are interesting.

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Yeah me either really haha, just thought it would be nice to know for anyone wondering why their Sitorak build is wrecking mobs

This is good I someone told me it was indefinitely stacking on break but I can still use it in a few builds and not worry about inconsistent boosts.

Yeah, just something to be aware of if you’re posting a build or recommending it to someone that doesn’t want the exploit.

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I used it on Fadeaway a while back for stackbot and I noticed I was too strong for too long.

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