How the f*ck do I kill shadow trap? In his giant mode and in helios mode?

I have no idea how to kill him. Somebody please help!!!

Try here:

Lots of other posts there going back to the launch of the Claptastic DLC. You may also want to search the character-specific forums in the TPS category.

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Yeah, about my thread, I tried it more times. I average at 5 - 6 critical hits assuming ALL pellets of the Pitchfork hit the crit spot.

EOS is more tricky since his crit spot is hidden, just use all other guntypes except Sniper rifles. When he says something like:




Then take out the sniper rifle and pewpewpewpewpewpew the eye. Take cover when he fires the laser. Aurelia is a glass cannon and the laser makes short work of her.

Have you tried explosives, The badaboom/fragnums do a lot of damage to the point he’s a joke of a boss

get some to help you its alot harder on uvhm, i killed him by killing his guns, and when he changes go for the head shots.

Okay I finally killed him a couple days ago with clap trap. I used the splitter laser from tediore, and using the gunzerking mode helped. And in the end I gunzerked with this torgue shot gun that only had three rounds per magazine, it’s a bad ass shot gun.

■■■■ this boss. I honestly rarely get mad at games but this is just so stupid it defies logic. Yeah I’m pretty steamed but I feel some of it is absolutely justified beyond just reacting to getting decimated. Between the boss recharging his shields fully at each stage, the endless mob of enemies, the fact you have to keep moving at all times AND that you can never see where you’re going if you want to keep shooting him just all makes for a terrible and unfair boss fight.

I’ve gotten him to about a fifth of his health twice now and died because he spams rockets, enemy mobs, the eye of helios rips you apart, and the damage I put out just isn’t there despite all level 70 gear.

I just… I just don’t understand. It seriously is unfair. The only way I can beat him is if I hunt for specific loot that is broken. I shouldn’t have to do that. Don’t force a barrier on me, the player, don’t truncate my enjoyment and my progress by forcing me to stop what I’m doing to go hunt for some arbitrary loot that I probably won’t get anyway just so I can beat this boss. If I’ve got high enough level gear (which I do), at the appropriate elements (which I do), and have more or less a decent level of skill, I should be able to beat this with a reasonable amount of luck. I’ll expect to die, sure, but to get utterly curbstomped when the goal is in sight, and just the unbelievable amount of ■■■■■■■■ that this boss throws at you.

Ugh. ■■■■ this boss. Seriously.

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Bro I seriously felt the same way in the beginning and I was playing with wilhelm. It was a massacre. Until I played with clap trap. Made a world of difference. Make sure that you have a splitter electric lazer equipped as ur primary. And knock his shield with that, and hopefully I gunzerked with that gun. Helps a lot. Then make sure u have a torgue shotgun l that has a good amount of a magazine size. At least 3 shots. Make sure clap trap gun zerks with that gun too. Makes a world of difference to take his health down. When he regenerates. Keep on doing the same thing. He won’t start a chance with clap trap. I took a chance by attacking him and standing on the main podium where he first sat and evolved into the transformer robot. And every time he knocked me down, I made sure I saw a drone, and killed it so that I can get second wind, and continued to reap havoc on his ass. @Veritas7Ax