How the heck do you win a match but still lose?


We only “lost” by that much because one of our team dropped and could not rejoin…


Misleading title…you had some bad luck, which happens with every game, and your team lost from the score though it looked like a good game

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No, because clearly his team had higher sentry health and should’ve won. Normally something may have happened like the second sentry being damaged while the first one is still alive, but that didn’t happen here.

This. Also, the last I saw we were 30-23 when the match ended. I was spectating the person that was shooting it and watching the points specifically. I have no idea how we suddenly had 26 points left at the stats screen, or how they suddenly had 25…

This was a big win for us since we were down by 1 and came back for the win.

Then we “lost”.

I had that exact same thing happen to me. We lost despite it showing us having the higher sentry score.

My bad I’m on my phone n I thought it said 25-25. Should’ve paid more attention lol

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Honestly, I’d much rather lose a nail-biter like this, even if we really should have won, instead of winning an easy 100-0 pub stomp (or really 100-50 surrender)

Looks like one hell of a match. Bummer you didn’t win though.

@Jotunn I find them the best to win. >.>

Like this one:
“GG team, at least we tied.”


We got minions in at about 1.5 seconds left.


Well yeah. Winning a close one is amazing.

But I still maintain that playing a close game (win or lose) is always better than an easy steam roll (win or lose)