How the heck is he supposes to tank?!

For all his health and health regent I’m finding he dies even faster than Orendi. I go in and am immediately downed within two seconds. And I’ve been getting ALL his defense and health helixes

Health and health regen items. Chomping minions.

His early game is kind of weak because his late game is ridiculous.

I’m not entirely sure how anyone is supposed to tank in this game outside of PvP. There’s no threat generator or taunt mechanic, so there’s no real Tank in this game? Just a Battleborn with more health than others I guess (outside of PvP).

Technically there is a taunt button but you tank by soaking up a lot of damage. Taking up enemies time by taking a while to die.

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Taunt Mechanic is different from Taunt Animation and is referring to causing the AI to force target the taunting character.

I know but it doesn’t really matter because you naturally aggro ai and players just with your presence anyway lol

The role of a tank is different in battleborn they meant to control the area with stuns (he has a great one) he ult is not great but can block the way cuting of the their escape or blocking minions from moving foward. He can take a lot of damage later on chomp minions in the begining of the game to get health more health if you kill major enemies. He passive let him soak up more damage and with a 5 second cooldown on one of his skills a 60 point sheild (which scales per level) is pretty nice. Just dont go running in like i am tank i am unkillable.

Yeah, I think tanks are pointless in this game. Pick a ranged character, get beind cover, focus damage dealers and melee characters.

Very well explained. However, I do agree with silverkhaos’s initial question. in comparison to the other ‘tanks’ for the sake of explanation, I’ll call them damage soakers, Kelvin being Eldrid is already at a disadvantage with his lack of an energy shield Boldur for example has a secondary that greatly supplements his ability to absorb damage also, good damage dealing abilities and augmentations. In my opinion, with kelvins current abilities, he needs either a larger health pool, higher or faster health regen, shorter cooldowns for his shield casting abilities or an increased duration of his created shields. Kelvin looks amazing but I havent enjoyed playing with him at all. He brawls so he has to get into the heat of combat but he’s very easily overrun. IMO, he definitely needs some tinkering.

He has low health to balence he chomp health gain he can have like 5000 health. I agree on the sheild as it starts to decharge as soon as its up even if he hasnt taken damage but that probably to stop him for stacking sheild as well as health. With a 5 second cooldown of his chomp he can have his sheild up offen and not all denfender have blocking sheilds montana, attikus. He is also the anti tank charcter with his chomp dealing 500 damage to high health battleborn he can also get life steal on it.

I have said this many times dont get to bogged down in the the class bit kelvin has great movement speed powerful stun he a run in with subilmate (gets a sheild) then chomp kill if its a minion (gets sheild and health boost) if its not deal some melee damage then finish with another chomp(bigger health gain for bigger enemies) go heal up and rise and repeated till you have massive health and great chomp damge because of a helix point to do increase damage based on health.

I am a big kelvin fan and think he one of the best but buff him if no one agrees :slight_smile: all the better for me.

Kelvin is a pretty bad tank in PvE. He’s much, much better in PvP, where his abilities are actually useful.

But the chomp gaining health feels like novelty since it takes the entire match farming the minions to get health high enough to matter

It doesn’t, though. However, Kelvin probably does a lot better if you have the right gear. Build health and health regen. I had 4K health at level 6 or 7, and I chomped maybe 10 minions, if not less.

Diagree. In PvE he rocks as tank thanks to a plentiful amount of squishy minions. Combined with the 3% damage boost to chomp based on max health, I’m 1 hit kill chomping some of the bigger enemies by the end of the game and getting full shield restore every time I do so.

Sure, the first fight can be difficult, but that’s true for all characters.

Hmm, interesting take. I never tried him in PvE myself, but it just seems like his kit is more PvP oriented. I’ll take your word for it.

Just eat stuff and you will get a lot of health

I had 4k health and health regen gear and was still getting downed near instantly (ghalt and galilea).

I did pretty well whenever I played Kelvin. Eating people to gain health was fun I thought he did enough damage and had the speed to get away when needed and the ability to stun people running away to set up for your team was great.

The biggest issue with playing any of the high hp characters is that people see your presence as a threat that needs to be shut down quickly, so you will be taking focus fire more often than not. Learning how to compensate for that is a part of the learning process. Don’t make yourself a target since you already are one- but use that to your advantage when teammates need help. Trying to secure a kill that’s partnered with a full hp tank is very risky and you need to be there to punish an enemy for trying to pick on your less beefy buddies.

Ghalt is a beast with damage. Crits hit for like 1k HP. You probably lasted twice as long as someone else would of lasted with him.