How the hell can anyone solo uvhm with zer0!?

I love Zer0 don’t get me wrong, I have a pretty good mele build but eitherway, no matter what I try I can only take on a couple enemies at once for the most part. Going through nomads and maniacs I can usually mele once on a nomad while using my action skill, but when I’m not in it it seems almost impossible to not die every time I kill an en3my or 2. I’m using slag which is a must, but I just got to the part where I have to revive lilith and remembering how hard it was in tvhm with a partner, I can only imagine how this is going to be. I’ve been slag/ shotgunning almost everything I can it works but I just can’t stay alive as long as I would like. Is there any tips at all that can get me through this a little bit more fun? I can only imagine the pain I’ll recipe when trying to fight a boss solo I don’t think I can do it.

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My Zer0 is currently level 57. Actually found the “Find the Firehawk” bit a lot easier with Zer0 than e,g, Gaige for some reason. Can’t remember exactly what mission I’m currently on with him, but so far so good…

Sounds like the problem me and my friend had, we were doing a co-op play through of BL2, and had just came out of finishing TVHM a month or two before. And well even though both of us were pretty comfortable with our melee/sniper builds respectively, UVHM or the JUMP was kicking our asses xD. I’m gonna copy paste an old post of mine where I explained a bit in detail on getting “use too” UVHM with Zer0. Didn’t expect it too be soo challenging in the beginning since TVHM with him was a Breeze.

"The jump from TVHM to UVHM can be a tough one for Zer0. In the game mode prior Zer0’s pretty godly. But going into UVHM where common enemies have as much as 3x more health and health regeneration it can be pretty frustrating. Especially since Zer0 is one of the more challenging classes to play as.
I’d also like to recommend respeccing into cunning
Something like this too get into the groove

This is a pretty basic cunning/B0re spec that is the staple for raiding and survivability. It’s also Great for getting comfortable with UVHM.
Since your level 50 I’d recommend dropping the 3 extra points in Grim for the Shield regeneration and increased cooldown for your AS, and to work your way down to Execute and followthrough as both are amazing <3.

Anyways lol with this spec and your Leg. Hunter you’ll be able to handle pretty much everything.

With Deathmark. who ever you Melee receives a 20% multplicative increase in damage from all sources. Unfortunately you can’t slap 4 different people have them all be deathmarked anymore. But! your Capstone Death Blossom allows you to Throw elemental Kunai! all of which are buffed by Roid and can deathmark multiple targets.
If you face a super badass you can just throw All your kunai at him and he’ll take 80% more damage for 8 seconds.

Along with Rising Shot which stacks up very fast and Ambush which is another very good DPS steroid you can abuse while in deception. Things will die fast I assure you.

Where survivability is concerned Ditch your Vitality relic as your not Krieg and prioritize Cooldown relics. Why?
Faster Cooldown means MORE HEALING! Courtesy of Leg. Hunter and Innervate.
Legendary Hunter gives you 10% of your HP everytime you go Invisible,
and when your Invisible Innervate kicks in granting you Gun damage, 35% movement speed, and regens 4% of your max HP a sec!

Having Deception cooldown fast is important because
-More Deathmark
-More Kunai spam
-More Gun damage,crit damage, melee damage
-Health regen, & movement speed.
See what I mean?

As for you gear I’d say drop off your sham in the bank and start buying Turtle shields, adaptive shields, and fast recharging tediore shields if you can. Try for 2~ delay shields.
the recharge rate isn’t as important as you’ll have grim, regenerating it for you after you get a kill.

Drop the elephant gun as it’s kind of a niche weapon and stick to your Interfacer and Rubi and try to land those crits. In UVHM Maliwan Snipers (Sniders are fantastic) smgs and Hyperion shotguns are great if you can get those. And Remember to slag em first and aim for Crits!
always use the correct element on enemies because in UVHM enemies take 75% more damage when being hit by the right element.
And once you slag an enemy they’ll take 3X more damage so that helps Alot!

Eventually you’ll be comfortable enough in UVHM that you’ll be able to respec back into a more DPS oriented build
But till then This should help you do Fine =)

Also get your self a shock/slag singularity or a vladof fire burst or Tesla throw it at enemy and switch to your Rubi for some quick Healing.
Hope this helped X)
Happy Vault Hunting!"

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If I’m playing in a team, I can snipe.

If I’m solo, it’s gotta be melee. And with an up to date melee shield (preferably a Thumper) and a Rubi, he makes short work of 90% of the critters I find.

It’s either your build or playstyle. He’s really easy in UVHM.

PS: I never slag unless it’s a big guy and I can’t get behind him.

@chaosmark101: your link isn’t showing up properly, you may want to link it to a word like so.

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@Gulfwulf Whoops. Thanks for letting me know guess I should have checked that the link worked after taking a post from the old forum to this one. Thanks for the heads up! Will fix.

Don’t know what you guys are talking about - the original link has been working for me for a while?

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It looked like it worked too when I first posted it, but then after I checked again it seemed like it changed to a “sniping spec”. So I fixed it real fast.

I use a mainly pistol/shotgun build with Zero that’s speced into B0re to make use of gear like the Pimpernel (which totally wasted Badassasaurous in less than a minute). He’s definitely tricky to use but with the right build and gear he can stand with any other VH…

I’m not sure if the torgue dlc enemies are easier than any other enemy in the game, but I did another respec and I think I have finally found the one for me. I’ve been taking out super bad asses and whatnot with ease atleast in that dlc. I went down the usual cunning and bloodshed but I got the bottom skill in bloodshed and I think it’s pretty op in the right setting. I mean I also farmed for an unkempt harold. I was really hoping for a dpuh with a torgue grip but I ended up with a hard unkempt harold with everything perfect but the barrel I believe, with a 20 round clip. I had an unkempt harold at level 8 with my mechromancer and literally used it all the way until about level 26 it was by far my favorite gun. Only thing I with my new one didn’t have was the 2.2 or whatever zoom. I like having no zoom on it but pretty nice I’ll probably farm for another one today ha.

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Barrels on legendaries are always the same. What can change are the grip, the sight, the stock (if it has one), and the accessory. A Torgue grip gives you a bigger mag, increased damage, and increased reload speed, which is why it’s preferred for Torgue weapons. If you’re looking for a DPUH, make sure you get the boxy Torgue grip, otherwise you may be waiting awhile during reloads.