How the hell do you guys get to OP8?

I’ve been playing as level 52 and I kill and mine lots of various things but it’s exponentially harder (as everyone knows) to level up the higher you get.

Are you OP guys just playing for days and days and days on end and slowly getting up there? I can’t imagine how much work that takes.

Hell even level 52 I am having issues starting UVHM to try to get more experience faster :stuck_out_tongue:

Past lvl50 you’ll need to start playing at uvhm in order to level faster.

[quote=“Maveco, post:2, topic:519224, full:true”]Past lvl50 you’ll need to start playing at uvhm in order to level faster.[/quote]+that. Also, you need “UVHM Upgrade Pack 2”:
OP levels are unlocked by completing a run through Digistruct Peak at your current OP level, which will be OP0 if you just got the DLC. If you do it solo, this requires you to quit to the main menu after each run, increase your OP level, then start again.

NOTE: Doing it at an OP level lower than your max gets you nothing, especially since the host sets the OP cap. Good way to ballpark the host's OP setting is to check the vending machines -- if you see nothing lower than OP6 or OP7, there's a good chance the host is running at OP8.

If you’re having a hard time running it solo, jumping into the session of an equal(-or higher)-level host is suggested. This will get you the unlock provided that

  1. they don’t die [=they get booted from it and have to redo it or sit it out], and
  2. you jump in before they kill the last enemy.
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I always complete The Good The Bad The Mordecai mission and use the Moxxi’s Endowment relic for the extra XP until I get to lvl 72

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It helps to have a good team to play with. I got to OP 8 with my wife and a friend of ours we play with. Without them two I would probably have stopped playing months ago.

all Good advice. also finding someone that can power level you, helps in getting you to 72 and the OP levels faster

The good the bad the mordecai according to the wiki is only on TVHM? Or is that just some crappy wiki classification

Hmmm doesn’t sound right. After you wake Mordecai and get back to sanctuary, check the bounty board next to Johnny Waffles. If it’s not there I guess the Wiki is correct, tho I don’t think it is but I was wrong once back in the summer of 92.

I wound up doing it on TVHM - got a 7.something % XP bonus relic. Doesn’t seem like that much of a bonus. I don’t want to give up my assault rifle and launcher ammo bonus relic for that :stuck_out_tongue:

In UVHM, it’s more important to keep your gear at par with your level. The really nice gear you got from killing the Warrior in TVHM, will feel really weak when you get up to 53 - 54. So it will be RNG that decides just how hard it’s going to be. One full playthrough of the main story and all dlc’s should get you to level 72. Once there, you can start the OP runs. Here it will be even more important to level up your gear. That’s the real issue. One Digi Peak run takes somewhere between 45 - 60 minutes. Having to grind for better gear… :unamused:

Some help from friends is always nice when you want to speed things up a bit.

You don’t have to level up to OP 8. You don’t even have to do the UVHM. The rewards for getting to level 72 is more skill points to make your char more awesome, and getting gear that is unavailable in TVHM. The reward for getting to OP 8… You get to feel like a real Badass.

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I’m 100% positive I did the mission in all three playthroughs. It was there in normal mode, TVHM and UVHM. It’s probably just an error in the wiki.

:expressionless: Sounds more like ‘forgot to update’.


A good way to level up in UVHM is farming early booses for their legendaries (Hornet, Kerblaster, Bonus Package, Thinderball fists etc

I’m also big fan of Caustic Caverns. You can earn tons of XP in a single run, plus there are plenty of loot chests and the Minecraft Easter egg.

Just keep on grindin’… As for getting to OP8, I totally cheesed before the patch. It’s still possible, but a little trickier.

All missions are available on all playthroughs, even the Digistruct Peak ones (though there you’ll just get XP and the reward(s), but not the OP levels until you’re level 72). Only the loot and the enemies’ health and shields change across the different modes.

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I’ve noticed a few entries that appear to have been written before the second upgrade pack was released and then not updated. I think this is one of those.

The fastest way I have found to level up is to start UVHM, clear the town of Flint’s men’s, turn the quest in to Hammerlock, then do the bullymong quest (which is pretty fast) then save and exit, reset your UVHM playthrough and do those 2 quests again. The XP they give is a lot more than you would get for just killing things. If you feel like your gear is starting to be underleveled, just hop back into TVHM and open the chest a few times. There are no bosses to kill, so you shouldn’t have to do this too often. I got one of my character from 50 to 62 in one afternoon. Over level 60 or so, the difficulty curve starts to level out and it gets easy enough to just go along with the story.

Thanks for the tips. Some are obvious :slight_smile: but some might be good tips.

I actually leveled my one character up playing the bar brawl on normal mode, with the first player being around level 50 with one of those crazy rocket launchers that takes only one hit for most things. Got player 2 up to 40+ within an hour or so, and hit the Torgue tokens limit multiple times.

I’ve plateaued though and it seems like not a lot of people are playing online, or Gearbox’s servers really are messed up. I almost can never find a single game. A couple people added me last night, and I couldn’t even join one of them for some reason. Weak! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just played the game, when UVHM came out I hit 61 just by playing the story and side quests. Then when UVHM2 came out I did petes bar from 61 to 72.

If you have not played UVHM before don’t power level, you have to learn how to play the game or you will most likely just hate UVHM.

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I’ve gone into OP levels solo with 3 classes, plus 2 player with one of my daughters to OP2. Getting to 72 didn’t feel like a long process except for that very last stretch (70-72), where I caught myself watching the bars.

Honestly, a lot of what I did was focus on story quest progression through Tiny Tina’s and Torgue’s DLCs and the main game, farmed current Harold, Bee, and Lascaux every couple of levels, and set things up so that I’d be ready to farm at 72. For example, doing the ‘Cordially Invited’ string gives multiple turn ins for experience, gets you a good holdover weapon (Teapot), and sets up the big ugly varkid for farming so that you can go get a Baby Maker. Similarly, the Clan Wars quest has a lot of turn ins, a lot of killing, and sets up Slagga or Maggie farming for 72.

Mix in a little Legendary Loot Midget farming (for Bone of the Ancients) and Tubby runs in the Dust or Frostburn, and 72 winds up happening kind of on accident.

I feel stupid because most of that sounds like gibberish. :slight_smile: I thought I had some neat weapons at one point and I haven’t seen any of those or even heard of most of those.

I was able to get up to level 54, slowly, by playing UVHM solo and slowly (VERY slowly) and painfully chugging through just the story. It is horribly difficult and time consuming right now.

I’ve gone through Tina and Torgue on normal mode, I’ve done spots on TVHM I believe as well. But there is nothing I can get through those now because at 54 it looks like the only thing you can do is UVHM and DLCs.