How the hell does this guy kill this surveyor in 1 shot

Go to 3:20 into the video
What gun is that? It must be incredibly strong to kill the surveyor in 1 shot

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That’s the Pimpernel, one of the best weapons in the game.

You can get it by completing Don’t Copy That Floppy, a quest given by C3n50r807 in Washburne Refinery. And since it’s a quest reward it’s extremely easy to farm.


I can’t believe he killed that surveyor in 1 shot, corrosive gun and went straight through shield also

I’m currently stuck on OP2 with Zero btw

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Why can’t you believe it? Genuine question, surveyors die very quickly once slagged.


Maybe this will help -

So, the Pimpernel isn’t just “one shot” - assuming you hit your target in the right place so the other generated pellets hit it as well. Since he was very close to the target when he shot I have no trouble believing that’s what happened.

In fact if you step through the video (using “,” for backward and “.” for forward) you can see this is exactly what happens. The first shot only takes the shield down half way - but the additional pellets decimate the surveyor. :slight_smile:


@IceCat763, I, for one, while dubious about your ability to pull it off, have been excited to see somone get through the peak without leaning too heavily on the game’s most uber gear. The Pimpernel (as explained in that guide) is pretty gnarly. I leaned on it and some other uber gear for the last few levels of Digistruct Peak myself, because it totally works. I think the biggest thing I dropped in one shot was an Ultimate Badass Loader, but yeah… there’s a reason you see that rifle in almost literally everyone’s hands in videos.


Fyi. Surveyor’s crit spots is the wings. :wink::wink:


Well, wow… Yeah this gun just sounds quite incredible

Thanks Nat, I did not know that, thought those annoying things didnt have crits

Wait what – I thought they didn’t have crits either.


Think I will have to reset quest with Zero also I can’t get through OP2 and feel I need the uptodate Heart Breaker (best weapon in the game probably I’d say, especially in Zero’s hands). Good thing is can get it fairly early in quest.

I even got the Rapier with my Maya (easymode character) lvl67 but luckily doesn’t matter with this weapon. Definitely good, but yeah slagged spiderants not sure what you can do with this guy.

Will see how I feel later

Not a bad weapon at all but I wouldn’t say best and I’m fairly sure there are other characters who get even more out of it.

As for Peak, the elements there are… weird to say the best. Anything that’s made of flesh but has the name digistruct in it doesn’t actually have an element weakness and you can basically replace any fire weapons and just go with corrosive for Peak. Spiderant were little weird in having extra resistances but those don’t matter for their critspots.


Slag beasts are very annoying to deal with with Zero, I’m pretty much getting heart breaker just for them. Doesn’t take long at all to get to Santuary in the sky stage

You could just get something better, like an Orphan Maker, Triquetra, Striker, or equivalent Jakobs non-unique. Deception allows you to easily position yourself for their crit spot, and Jakobs shotguns are brilliant from that kind of situation.

Not only that but they synergise nicely with OSOK, if you use it.


You were right. Actually I didn’t need it all, which I realised after I found other good weaponry.

However I realised I needed the type of gun you mentioned. I think the developers should have included a legendary tier corrosive Hyperion shotgun in this game, I started another thread about it.

:open_mouth: Wuuut??? Are you trolling again? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ve blundered into one of your devious traps before, but now I’m a bit older and a bit wiser. Well… Older, at least!


lol, i can’t find the video but I heard it from fiber. I haven’t tested it since I can’t even hit a damn surveyor let alone his crit spot.

Edit. I think it is not a crit spot but rather a pimpernel sweet spot.


It doesn’t have a crit but you can get a meaty pimp shot on them by just aiming at the front side of the tail if they ever stop.

I’ve managed to get good shots on them midflight too but I’ve no idea how to do it. Would love to be able to do that consistently though. That would make things SO much easier.

EDIT: Though now that I checked the vid again for how the player there does it when they’ve stopped they’re just plain shooting the second one on the back end of the tail so I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

If only Zer0 had a skill that would show us. :thinking:


After some time I came to understand that she means hitting their wings makes them stop and hover in place