How to add fuel to kushan interceptor guide

Ok its early stuff and it works but theres no fuel bar to know when they run out i havent looked at fuel consumption rates or fuel capacitys yet just to get it to actually stop moving after using fuel is working with me. Hopefully it helps ppl build a proper fuel mod where it recreated hw1 fuel system properly instead of this nasty hack job for the kus interceptor.

1.Extract the info as you do using bigdecryptor and unfbig tools. (look elsewhere for info on how to use these.)

  1. The kushan int is in the hw1ships.big, decrypt this and unpack it using unfbig tool you should have a ship folder with kus_interceptor inside.

Move to homeworld/homeworldrm/data/ship/kus_interceptor that folder containing the files.

You also want the hw2.big file extracted as in there in the ship folder is the kad_swarmer folder, we need the lua file from there and to put it in the kus_interceptor folder. Rename the swarmer file to kus_interceptor.lua

Ok now in kus_interceptor.ship file we need to add one line of code.


What i edited in the line above was kad_swarmer to kus_interceptor for the folder and filename changes as we need it in the kus interceptor folder etc.

I just put this above the line addShield(NewShipType,“EMP”,75,20); as its how the kadesh ship stuff had it in that place but i dont think placement matters that much as long as its in there. There is another line of code but it crashes the game.

StartShipHardPointConfig(NewShipType,“FuelTank”,“Hardpoint_FuelTank”,“System”,“Innate”,“Damageable”,“HW1_FighterTank”,"","","","","","","",""); But i think it causes the crash as the actual model probably doesnt have a hardpoint called Hardpoint_FuelTank or somit so… I just left this line out and still seemed to work as in a ship runs out of fuel after a dash across the map. Tho it “does” move if you issue the retirement order on said ship. If you cancel the retire order it will stop and resume having no fuel so cant move.

Anyhow so with a

Folder now containing


So move the folder ship to homeworld/homeworldrm/data

Edit the launch command for steam for the game using the command -overrideBigFile

Launch the game play hw1 remastered go play a skirmish vs cpu and play as kushan race with research turned off so u can build the interceptors quickly and it should build now a interceptor that has fuel so if you move it to edge of map and back it should run out of fuel at some stage.

Anything your not sure about let me know.

Its a start to the modding of fuel back in for homeworld which basically rips the fuel stuff from a kadesh swarmer file and edit a line in a kushan int ship file and make the game able to read folders and files thats been added to data folder using the override command, some reason it wasnt loading the fuel.big file i made but it reads the folder and files fine with override command enabled through steam for the launcher. So…

Hope it helps start a fuel mod for those that want it and i know its very dirty hack job but least it worked for a proof of concept.

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So in a nutshell, the fuel still exist ingame but exclusivly being used for the swarmers.
Does the fuel appear as a bar that depleates overtime as the ship flies?
(Also how do you extract files? I never managed to do so yet.)

Not only that, but they added the addCustomCode() function that allows modders to add some event driven code.

Seems you can hook your own custom functions into there even if there wasn’t the swarmer one.

(Also how do you extract files? I never managed to do so yet.)

tried that one out, but like i said, never figured out how to do it regardless how hard i follow people’s instructions.
Maybe i miss something out.

Put a big file from hw/hwrm/data folder into the folder where bigdecryptor is. See the folder with bigdecryptor and hold shift and right click on the folder and click on the option with command window in. So your in command window type this

bigdecryptor.exe homeworld2.big homeworld2decrypted.big

the first homeworld.big is source (in the folder where bigdec is located as said above. Homeworld2decrypted.big is whatever u want the new big file to be named as.

Press enter and it should decrypt the big file and make a new one.

Now go find unfbig tool and run it and point to the folder where bigdecryptor is and the new big is and open the new big and then select it then click extract.


with my half dead brain, i somehow by a miracle, managed to do it with your easy to use steps. Hehe.

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