How to advertise the borderlands 3 and surprise everyone

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First, sorry for the english, i dont speak so good because i am from brazil… but let’s get right to the point.

Is not news that borderlande 3 is being done but has not yet been announced, so how to surprise the fans even waiting for it? Well, this is going to come out of my head, but would take everyone by surprise if it really happened. Imagine at E3, for example, Randy Pitchford on the stage, everyone would celebrate the announcement, he would say that he’s been producing this project for years and he wants to finally talk to everyone, the game is BATTPEBORN 2, would start a trailer saying that everyone wanted and asked for it, the trailer would show that all the characters in the previous game would come back (showed some of it s to be easier to do) and out of nowhere everything exploded in the style of the intro the dlc of mr torgue, came in and said "wtf is this ****? lets go to the ******** crazy (or something like) and would start the real trailer, everyone would start to cry I would at least go: D) Would not it be interesting something like that?

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I like it.

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Two things:
The date of release announcement, Randy goes on stage and announce new ACM game, then a power outage happens and Claptrap shows up, on screen ranting about being ignored … again, when he’s finished with his crap, the release date goes on screen and everybody loose their shiz.
Web teasers:
A ten seconds teaser videos on youtube and socials for every playable character, revealing only a glympse of them, separated monthly for every month before the first trailer comes out… and then the hype train goes wild. :slight_smile:

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Battleborn fans like me wouldn’t like that approach. Why stab the Battleborn game in the back if it involved Easter eggs for Borderlands 3?

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I agree. I suggested ACM. It would be cool if GBX make a joke with their not so great game.
I played ACM and honestly it’s not “the great fail” most of the people think.
No one ever thought that there will be Rage 2, but it’s happening. May be one day we’ll have the best Alien game in the face of ACM 2. :thinking:
Hey, @ Gearbox, do you still have the license ? I have some ideas. :>

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The original poster’s idea has the right kind of humor, but it being at the expense of another project of Gearbox is playing with fire.

Rather than go with the Mr. Torgue’s DLC intro, why not go with the Tiny Tina’s DLC intro. Have the Trailer be interrupted and the Battleborn pause menu screen come up, and then you realize it’s Borderlands Characters playing the game (Tina & Brick)?

Wanna take it a step further into the meta-verse? The game crashes because Tina is running mods via the console, using code she found online. The Easter Eggs started showing up after she started modding it.