How to balance anointments in BL3

I know I’ve voiced many opinions on how to fix characters and what not to make balance. And SADLY most of this is going to come from specifically mayhem 10 issues, but not the base game. So yes the base game might get imbalanced, but to be fair the base game is the reason mayhem even exists seeing any legendaries already break it. So the new issues my friend and I have been noticing with M10… Anointments and their inconsistent nature.

Issue #1:
Why are all the damage numbers different? Why is it that Fl4k and Zane get 100% bonus damage, while Moze gets 125% and Amara (for NO reason) just got buffed to have 130%. These are all, problematic because guess what, they added 150% and a 200% (even though it seems broken at the moment). Once the 200% is fixed, what is the point of the others (I understand the others give a second element so it is preferred but still). SNTL cryo damage is only 100%, I have two guns, the exact same damage, but one is SNTL the other is the “halflife” as they are being called, but the below 50% bonus 150% radiation. Against a normal flesh enemy, the halflife is so much stronger that it seems worthless to even have SNTL’s cryo. To the point I only save a FEW of these guns just for certain bosses that resist Rad’s for whatever reason. So what is the point? My friend plays a lot of Moze, and also does Halflife because outside of that there just isn’t damage. The 125% fire damage Moze anoints have are resisted by so many things that it isn’t worth, the minor 25% between that and halflife is just that much stronger. I feel that ALL damage bonusing anointments, elements or not, need to be the same %. It might cause imbalance, and the elements definitely make a difference, but at least people will have the option without losing out on that significant amount of damage. This should also include the ASE next two mags anointment as well, but NOT include the grenade and shield ASE. Those should stay the same. Also AMARA’s need to be NERFED. She is already the strongest character by so much that its not even funny, she leaves everyone else in the dust with her damage output, so why does she get a 250% and a 300% damage on ASE? Nerf these, or make all the others the same. It is pretty dumb.

Issue #2:
Why are there garbage anointments? Sliding, ASE accuracy, ASE fire rate and reload, ASE SE chance, ASE projectile speed, ASE healing pool, ASE Spike, ASA DR, jumping, when enemies are below 25% gain damage, and the Boss, badass, named. Garbage. Jumping doesn’t last long at all, except for now 2 places, and the damage is weak, going back to the first issue. It was buffed, but still not even 100%? It is pointless for a second or two of bonus damage and that bonus isn’t even as much as ones you can have for literally just standing still and activating a skill. Not worth it ever, unless the damage bonus is CRAZY high. Sliding I can understand, it is a bit easier to use. But the anointments aren’t good for it. Plus who is going to be non-stop sliding when half the map is too small, or has close range characters who stop your slide? Not to mention ANY cryo stack makes it impossible to slide. So those are basically useless as well, unless they too had a crazy damage increase. Then the boss, named, badass one? First off, the ASE is only 125% bonus damage, which you can now get more than that on half the anointments, and the ASA one is only 75%? These too should be crazy high since they ONLY affect certain enemies. Like, crazy high numbers. Amara gets 300% for using her slam, so what is the point of these? Then the 25% health get 50% damage? Like… Why is this even an anointment at this point? It is THAT weak. Any ones I am not explaining into further detail, are just that bad. They have NO purpose unless, UNLESS, the %s are like over 100. Because anything less than that in most of these can be found in a perk, or they don’t do enough damage to even make a difference. (reminder these are just M10 reasons).

Issue #3:
Anointments that could be good… ASE Crit, ASE life steal, Killing bonus, Con. Hits, and ASA novas. The crit bonus just doesn’t seem good enough, maybe if it had something else like increased Recoil Reduction to make hitting crits much easier? But right now any bonus damage outclasses crit damage increase. The ASE lifesteal could be stronger, it was useful for characters who didn’t have life steal, like Fl4k and Moze, but Moze now has some and Fl4k has their own anoint… The issue I think is that people don’t want to carry it around on them because they want a full thing of weapons that can actually do damage. So maybe it can have some other affect? Not sure, lifesteal is good, just gets outed for not being damage. Maybe I put this in the wrong category? Who knows. The killing bonus is cool, since it adds reload speed as well. The issue is again the damage… It is way too weak, you’d need to kill 20 things within those 25s the stacks last to get on par with the weakest of the bonus damage anoints. Stacks either need to last until switched off the weapon, or the duration increased. Con Hits has the same issue, the stacks only last one second, which makes it extremely useless… Just, make it stronger? Last longer than 1s? Then the ASA novas, they are sadly weak. 13k damage isn’t weak for a gun, but guns get a bunch of bonuses to they are doing like 4-5x that sometimes, the nova just sticks to its flat damage, and a lot of the time it is resisted by something. It does less damage than most DOTs, at a slower rate. So these need to be stronger, or pulse faster. Maybe add elements to them based on the gun’s element? Or make it a shield anointment.

Moze issues:
Recently Moze’s splash after iron bear became worse than the regular splash on ASE. The only difference is the time these anointment effects last, but 40% is huge. This goes back to the first issue, all the damage needs to be the same. Exiting iron bear reload and accuracy? Useless… Kills increase cooldown, also pretty useless. Not consuming ammo, is a legit perk. I understand it is for other builds, but it is also extremely useless. Right now anything that DOESN’T give damage, is useless. Moze has like three useful anoints, and right now they are all outclassed by regular anoints. All her shield anointments are pretty terrible as well. The 75% health and shields can be good though, but I know most people prefer the ASE damages.

I couldn’t care about Amara’s anointments. The character herself is so broken that sometimes it doesn’t even seem to matter what anointment you use on her. She has a ton of useless ones, her best ones being the damage bonus ones. Which are crazy high. My BIGGEST complaint is phaseslam based anoints only work with the OG slam and not the other variants (at least from what I’ve noticed, but I don’t play her enough).

They have only a two good anointments. Rakk Attack bonus damage, and Gamma burst. Both being outclassed at the moment by basically everything now. Seeing ASE is now 100% damage with elements, making Rakk Attack’s debuff of 100% extra damage a tad useless. Sure the debuff affects all damage, but still… The rest are very weak or useless all together.

Digi Clone:
The only good anoint is swapping places for damage, but even then the amount of time is so short that it gets outdone by any other damage anoint. The ammo regen would be cool, if it didn’t have a time limit. After a certain time your weapon will stop regenning the ammo, even if you swap it away (the last I tried that is).
The ONLY powerful Barrier anointment is the accuracy and crit damage, but from having two guns with strong damage and crit damage, one half life and the other with this anoint… Halflife wins. So they need to increase the damage of the crit to 100% if they want it to be a usable anoint. Plus increase the handling or recoil reduction as well as accuracy.
The only bad SNTL one is the fire rate and reload speed, to the point that why is it even an anointment? The cryo one is good, just needs more bonus damage.

Regen 1 grenade isn’t good at all. ASA grenade damage would be good if the grenades scaled. The BEST is still ASE bonus elemental damage, which doesn’t need to be changed. Increase the damage of the on grenade throw damage increase, to 50%? Just to match the elemental damage.

These are all for M10 again people. BUT a lot are just useless in general as well. I know if they keep increasing the damage it’ll make anything not M10 unbalanced, but my BIGGEST annoyance is mainly the inconsistency of the bonus damage anointments because when it comes down to the fine details, halflife build is the strongest build on all characters. So it is really annoying.


These are all great points. The next big patch from gearbox should be anointment balancing.

In my opinion, one of the problems is that there’s too many essentially competing at doing the same thing, that being damage with many cases where certain options are very clearly superior and inferior. They really should cut the amount of anointments to a very small amount, but create far more variety in effects. Like imagine if after the buff to grenades they do great damage, would it be possible someone might forego an ASE grenade anoint for a grenade anoint that made it so you temporarily for like say, ASE have infinite grenade throws for a few seconds?

Yea it just seems super weird to have two things doing the same exact bonus, but be vastly different. Zane has SNTL Fire rate, but so does a natural ASE, which is more. If you are going to have repeats that do the same thing (other than the elemental damage being different) than they should be all equal. Even if there are special secondary affects. Moze’s fire bonus shouldn’t be ASE (much like her Auto Bear one) it should be time based, because there already is ASE and for 25% less damage now, you can have stronger elements. They need to remove anything that is a repeat, OR make the ones for characters have even more special effects. Zane should get duo ones, meaning if he has two of the action skills active he gets something special. Fl4k should have ones that also affect what pet they are using. Amara’s can be more focused on WHAT specific skill she is using, Moze just needs… More. Not sure since her action skill is so difficult. It just sucks spending days farming for a weapon, getting 30 of them, but not the anointment you NEED. Not you want, but need. Before Mayhem 2.0 I could grab any gun, and if had a special anointment for my person, awesome. Not gonna lie, still never picked up half of the legendaries with the Issue #2 effects. They are even useless without mayhem. I even did a sliding shotgun build in old M4 on Zane, and never used slide anointments, why would I when I could use SNTL, before slide was only 40%, now its only 60%. So why use a slide anointment at all?

Sorry for lengthy reply lolz, you got my mind going cause its just so weird that they chose these routes for the characters and anointments. They seem to struggle with balancing everyone, yet they are trying to change the guns and characters themselves (though sometimes the wrong things) and not the biggest issue being the anoints being all messed up.

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