How to be a better player

Supposedly, the tryhards of Battleborn have been delibrately keeping this information from the rest of us so that they can keep stomping on us in 5-man premades.

So I figured that I’d ruin their fun! I do enjoy doing that.

@Benedict_87 @epicender584 @FlamesForAll @HandsomeCam @EdenSophia Feel free to tag some more people. I only tagged you lot, becuase you’re some of the only names I can remember.

I’m sure most of us already knew a lot of this, but just figured it was obvious. But all the newer players I’m seeing don’t know all this.

@Jythri Please work on some more tutorials for the newbies, I hate the thought of tryhard pros stomping on them.

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It may be old, but I’ve seen SO MANY PEOPLE running around without this information. Most of 'em newbies.

Positioning, map awareness, focuse and minion wave.

Positioning: are you in a dangerous position? Are you close enough to a teamate to be saved or save him?

Map: where is the enemy? Where are the escape routes? What buildables should be bought first?

Focuse: If an ally stuned, slowed, knocked up an enemy, join the fight 2vs1 is better. Dont lose focuse and try to work together. Chaining crowd control skills.

Minions: they are dangerous to your sentry or your grinder in meltdown, destroy them asap, you are miko? Well destroy those little bastards. They give exp and shards.

Those are the basics… Noobs usually lack 1 or more of them

Edit: forgot to add: lvls and death

Levels: you are getting behind? Maybe you cant kill all minions by yourself so try to dmg each of them to get shared exp. Help dmging enemy battleborns and buildables, If i remember correctly you have a window of 5 seconds to get shared exp. Build everything you can, doesnt matter if they get destroyed inmediatly, you get more exp from building than destroying. Buildables over gear, specially if you are getting behind.

Death: dont die, you give more exp to the enemy. Be a coward but dont stop pushing. Dont get in dangerous positions trying to secure a kill. If you dive in the enemy lines and kill 1 but the other 4 kill you, you just gave exp to 4 players and probably only you got the kill exp.


Great, thank you!

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i uhhh never knew about the leg armor thing for sentries. That seems so random, i will have to try it out


I think they even added new lines to the sentry, when you hit a crit spot they say something new.

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Sadly, that post is months is old and some pieces of advice are irrelevant. Such as advertising shield over regen (save for Kleese and Deande ofc). The parts that aren’t, are great though. Thanks for bringing this up. If only noobs often were on the forums…

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Ik, a lot of it is older, but every little bit helps, I feel. I’m just hoping at least ONE newbie sees these and learns a bit, ya know?


The new players only need to know one thing…

Benedict… rules… the friggin’ skies.

That is all.


If devs could put small advice text in loading screens like:

Don’t chase to hard, you can end surroumded by 5 badasses.

Build rewards a high amount of exp if you are behind in lvls.

Be aware of your map at all times to avoid an ambush or backdooring.


I think I can fairly say that when it comes to writing guides, I’ve put my time in, haha.


Put your time in and then some, I only wrote one guide not counting my math and gear shenanigans builds

If you are using a character with projectile travel time turn auto aim off as it will hurt more than help

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Yeah its a huge conspiracy >>

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