HOW to be Captian Trevor Ghalt

Ghalt is the character I have played as the most of my time on Battleborn, I love him in every aspect. Seeing how he is being played a little more then normal thanks to the winter update, I want to explain how to be an effective shotgun shogun. (This is based on my experience as ghalt and what I observed other ghalts doing, other input is accepted)


LEVEL 1: Big Draw
Why big draw? I’ll explain later

LEVEL 2: your choice
The three options for Lvl 2 are either Aoe damage, increased trap damage, or spawn bombs. I pick the bombs because in case the trap doesn’t hurt anyone, the bombs will, what sucks is when the trap is destroyed before it explodes by itself, It won’t deal any damage whatsoever ever if that happens

LEVEL 3: Barrier
Increasing pellets per shell theoretically should increase damage of the shotgun, but since the update, getting killed is more common, so I want my shield to be stronger and recharge faster for defense purposes

LEVEL 4: Speed and Range
Anticipating when to throw your hook to get someone is important, having speed, range, and a bigger grab radius makes it easier to pull this off, Ghalt has a tell when his is about to throw the hook, so most players will jump out of the way, you need to either wait for them to jump then throw, or make a good guess where their going to be jumping, most of the time it’s to your right since the hook flys from your left hand, and we all know to pull them into your trap, that’s self explanatory.

LEVEL 5: More Damage
I personally think that hobbling shots need to be removed or edited in how they work, besides that, more damage from your tactical shells will come in handy later

LEVEL 6: Drain chain
This is commonly used, drain health and shield from any target pulled, health for your trap is obsolete

I love both barrals blazing, it’s the least used option because of FIRE RATE, however, it deals BIG damage when you land the shots on a target, combined with tac shells with increased damage for tac shells (lvl 5 helix) makes for a deadly Ghalt at close range

LEVEL 8: reduce trap time
The left option basically, it reduces the time for the trap to explode by 1 second, trust me, it helps

LEVEL 9: amp damage
Targets pulled deal amp damage…self explanatory

LEVEL 10: Can’t touch this
When duel wield is active, your immune to every crowd control effect, meaning no one can stop you from both barrals blazing.


I would use any of the following gear types for Ghalt:

Damage reduction

Max health

Max shield

Sheild recharge rate

Shield recharge delay

Sprint speed increase

Skill damage

Cool down rate

The legendary I would use is GO-GO Juice, stack then sprint speed to counter act Ghalt’ slow movement.

That’s all I have, any other suggestions or counter suggestions I welcome you to tell us.

I believe pellet increase does not increase damage of your shotty. Merely increases spread. Well, there’s a small difference: 6 points of damage.

Damage Reduction is also not worth it on Ghalt because DR isn’t valuable enough till you have 3333 health (apparently, according to Kitru who made like 20 guides)

Hidden Charge is a legendary I strongly recommend. Reload speed, max shield strength. Reloading reduces Shield Recharge Delay by 1.65 seconds. You’ll be reloading a lot, so this is good, especially since it synergizes with Barrier.

Take attack speed if you take Both Barrels Blazing.

Sprint speed is not useful on Ghalt unless stacked. Cooldown is ehh. Skill damage is only helpful if you want to do a scraptrap build, unless it affects ultimate damage?

One question in Ghalt. I like his kit and have all his lore unlocked but play mostly PvE and I think he is only good for the defend missions (like renegade / saboteur) where he can stay in one area and load up his traps. Is there any way to build him for general PvE or it is not recommended outside of the mentioned missions? Also is his legendary any good? I don’t remember then name but I think it just adds more damage from his traps.

His legendary makes no noticeable difference, really. Shame.

Anyhow, Ghalt is still very effective outside defense missions due to his sheer damage output. You’ll still want Barrier at level 3. Taking Both Barrels Blazing might better if it’s advanced or a thrall mission, but reload speed if varelsi, minion, Eldrid, or normal mission. BBB melts bosses.

Grab some attack damage, reload speed, or attack speed for DPS.

Take health regen, max shields, or --shield recharge delay gear for survivability.

that’s really all you need. And take Boomstickier at level 5 for PvE.

Ok thanks. What about dual wield? Is it better to go with incendiary for more wrecking power or the speed upgrade. I’d assume if it is a map with tons of enemies like heliophage speed may be better to get away before being overwhelmed?

I agree with almost all of this, I disagree with helix choices at 5 and 7 though. The slow has so much more utility on tactical shells. Whether it be slowing a fleeing opponent so you can close the gap and deal heavier damage, or slowing them to stall while you wait for your hook to come back, slowing opponents so your team has an easier time landing skills, slowing a minion wave to buy time for your team to come help, spray from distance to slow the entire other team and make picking out 1 to hook easier…lots more useful. Then at 7, reload speed instead of both barrels blazing gives you 4 tactical shells instead of 2. It goes well with the slow(more chances to slow, longer CC). Not only that, both barrels blazing causes you to fire slower. I’m pretty sure that you can unload 8 regular shots in the same time you’d unload 4 with both barrels blazing. So the reload speed will cause you to start firing your next rounds faster. More shots=more damage.

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Run away from the man with the shotgun!

Incendiary in PvE to put the hurt on the small fry, as his lore says. Speed in PvP for now so you can chase and run away as needed, but if you really want flaming shotguns, I suppose it doesn’t matter much. When you unlock the mutation that gives you CC immunity while in your ultimate, you’ll pretty much always want that since 95% of the time the other team will have a good amount of CC.