How To & Best Story Missions For Last 2 Phoebe Challenges?

Ok so i only have 2 Phoebe lore challenges left before mastering her; hit 8 enemies simultaneously with Blade Cascade, and get 1000 damage with a single Blade Rush.

What’s the best Helix choices and story mission(s) to complete these challenges?

Thanks in advance.

For Blade Cascade, the end of the Renegade. Lots of enemies spawn there.

With Blade Rush, the part of Void’s Edge where the end boss teleports you to the spacey area with tons of varelsi. Use gear that boosts skill damage and shield capacity. Do not take the explosive helix, that gets rid of the penetration, meaning much less damage. Take the shield boosts Blade Rush damage. Wait for a bunch of varelsi to bunch together-ish, aim for the crits, move to the side when you cast Blade Rush to try to get the projectiles to hit as many of them as possible.



Thanks buddy!

How many characters have YOU Mastered?

Four. Phoebe, Shayne & Aurox, Oscar Mike, and Whiskey Foxtrot. Currently grinding out levels for Alani, Caldarius, and Galilea. Grinding challenges for a few more characters.


Get into PVP!

Lore challenges and levels come easy!

Of course, you may just take up drinking for the stress lol…

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Come on…

Highly reccomend the Menagerie in Saboteur for Addonexus. I got the other one just playing well on Overgrowth

I got both from doing voids edge first addonexxus when you go to void during conservator fight try killing all the hunters first(ones shooting you) then line up the shulks then I just kept doing that until I had cascade challenge went with skill gear and shield that’s all I remember

Boom-bots. They take 30% extra skill-dmg as far as I know/heard. So Experiment (Antem) and Algorithm (ISIC bossfight) are good places.

Got mine in the Algorithm by killing spawning Boom-Bots.

More like 10x or so. Recently I’ve seen 2000+ damage from Miko’s spore bomb. Upd: And 1000+ from Reyna’s Priority target.

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I gave you a post on how to do these awhile ago.

Play Void’s edge. Make it to the end where they spawn you into the dark world where all the varalsi spawn. Line up the skalks in a row and then do it there. Also do the the other challenge. If you don’t kill the hunter’s the zone lasts for quite a bit of time.