How to Boldur Well

I have played boldur since the ctt. I may not be the best boldur but I have yet to see anyone else who can get away with the ■■■■■■■■ like I do. These are my helix choices.

  1. Always crash helmet. Taking the other one makes the fastest (I’m pretty sure) character in the game just a guy with with a shield.
    2.Rage always. Again the other talent makes boldur worse. Also gives damage and attack speed(and later other stuff) on command. Why throw away a perfectly good way to execute squshies?
    3.First option. Depending on how you wanna play it you can grab a way to chase them and tackle them and beat them to death or you can get a way to stand in front of the enemy team and laugh as they try to kill you after you reach helix rank 5. Note that if you go shield mastery at 10 you lose a bit of benefit but the speed is still nice.
  2. Just take the slow.
  3. If you have it take the damage reduction. Other two aren’t bad but half damage is amazing.(At this point I should say that I don’t have him yet and this was my build in beta but I don’t think anything changed)
  4. Axe toss. Unless you have the weakness unlocked.
  5. User preference I like both.
  6. Cooldown reduction.
  7. More health because it’s so easy to get those stacks. Also I’m not sure if the other one works if your axe is exploded. I don’t think so.
  8. I always take shield mastery. Goes back to the whole “laugh as they struggle to kill you” thing above. However both are good.

Now onto how I play him. Up until you hit rank 5 treat him gently. This is not to say you can’t dive on someone. Just keep your axe off cooldown until you dip below half health then toss it and run away to heal. Rinse and repeat until 5. At rank 5 you ALWAYS want your shield rune up. The axe rune is expendable whether it’s to kill a wave of minions or to slow people down (the explosion slows if you spec it) to either run away or chase. Only expend your shield rune when your ultimate is off cooldown or to secure a kill. If you go for a kill you might wanna back off till you can get it back. Always try to use both runes before you ultimate again otherwise you waste half of it. Obviously keep the enemy in front of your shield at all times possible. I don’t think I forgot anything but if I did whoops.
GEAR- I always see People forget that gear can make a huge difference. I like to run with an attack speed buff then as much heal power, healing received, and regen as possible. Have fun.

Things have changed since beta.
6. You only get 15 percent damage reduction while rage is up.

I’m pretty sure that’s the same I just think of it as 50% because that’s your total with the 35% base.

so when you say crash helmet at level 1, do you mean overboulderdash? Because the options are “Axe return” and “overboulderdash”.

There is no option at 1