How to build a bigger playerbase & compete with overwatch

Ok so as everyone is aware of… Battleborn and overwatch seemed to constantly get compared. This is the major reason why overwatch has sold 13 million copies and battleborn ( may be wrong, minimal research) sold somewhere between 100,000-200,000 copies. The constant comparison ( fair or unfair) seems to have a common trend among buyers to be either a fan of one or the other.

Blizzard has been around the block for a while, I am definitely a blizzard fan boy. Most people who play their games are. People are very keen to spend money on what is most popular. The common trend of determining a games popularity now days is the amount of viewers on twitch. I was very surprised after playing both betas that gearbox made a better game than blizzard. So let’s put this game on the map

The solution to build a bigger player base:

is to increase streamers and viewers on twitch. More advertisement

It’s a joke how unpopular battleborn is on twitch. This is very upsetting to me and anyone else who has played battleborn considering how insanely amazing the game is.

I personally blame the marketing management of gearbox. Nobody has heard of battleborn… Their is hardly any advertisement and its dwarfed in the shadow of a blizzard made game. I mean dam i have a battleborn guide app and i have to x out the overwatch advertisement to get to the guide lmao

I don’t work for gearbox but if i were in charge i would act quickly. I would locate the biggest most popular streamers on twitch and pay them enormous amounts of money to play and stream battleborn. I would also try to get the game featured on twitch’s front page. The game needs to be discovered, it is too good to be only selling such little amount of copies.


PS: gearbox… Your amazing. Show the world what you created!


Tldr Gearbox is terrible at aggressive marketing which was sorely needed for the game to succeed


Yeah. Hopefully it’s not too late

100k to 13 million = too late


Really wish this game was advertised aggressively. I only knew about this game when it was available to be downloaded during Open Beta. And I actually downloaded it on the 6th day of Open Beta i think? I IMMEDIATELY loved it after I played it a couple of times. I would really love to see this game succeed!

Please don’t make Battleborn to only use it to get more funds for Borderlands 3. This game can generate a ton for you if you put more and more effort in getting this game out there!


Honestly, there is a pretty big difference between the two games. Battleborn is a MOBA/FPS/RPG hybrid with the ability to play solo if you wish or play through an interesting (though maybe not the most incredibly executed) campaign. Overwatch is a team deathmatch PvP exclusive (though I’ve heard you could team up against bots in matchmaking?) with 21 different loadouts to choose from in the form of characters.

I do not mean to bash either game here because I have had a small interest in Overwatch even though I’m a GBX fanboy at heart. The two games offer extremely different experiences overall and happen to appear somewhat similar on the surface, thus, have become competitors in a sense. Blizzard obviously has had an insanely unfair advantage due to it’s popularity and advertisement budget. My opinion: Overwatch is for gamers who are serious about a competitive PvP environment while Battleborn is a fun, over-the-top game similar to Borderlands with equal parts PvP and PvE. Market them as such.

Well there was also the problem of Blizzard having Overwatch basically plastered on the front of every page. Not sure if I can chalk that up to the disparity in money or if Gearbox didn’t know how to advertise their product. But Overwatch basically took up a good half of PSN’s front page while Battleborn was in its own little corner at the time.

Incidentally, this also has the added effect of catching casual gamer’s attentions.

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Well unfortunately there are tons of ignorant peeps who keeps on comparing Battleborn and Overwatch just coz both are FPS. They heavily favor GRAPHICS more than gameplay too

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Amen to that.

Ironically world of warcraft is a great example of average graphics and amazing gameplay and i think everyone knows how well that went.

Not sure why people feel so insecure on this site about Overwatch, and the need to secure/promote Battleborn in competition to it. I think games succeed or fail on their own merits. Never played OW and probably never will, but I do like Battleborn and enjoyong my time in the game. My wellbeing is not dependant on the success or otherwise of Battleborn, if 2K and Gearbox want it to continue to do well then they will continue to support it (like these discounts at the moment). Not sure they could have advertised it any more, particualry where I live in Australia where very few games are advertised beforehand or afterwards (maybe Halo and a few PS games). If Battleborn does fail the test of time, then so be it - I’ll move on and play newer games as they come out - that’s the gaming life cycle. Good luck though to BB, its a solid game, but does need continuing support and expansion by Gearbox.


I hate the first person view point. If this was 3rd person id watch it on twitch. Seems a waste to make sick character models then get stuck behind them the whole time. 3rd person is more engaging for a viewer.


Thing is there’s 1 thing i hate the most… I really wish they could permanently fix the stupid collision issue in this game

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I think GBX were looking into a spectator mode. It’s pretty cool watching your team mates from third person while you’re waiting to respawn, hey?

Third person would make it more obvious and easy to avoid :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cant tell im pushing 3rd person lol)

I hope your right. I truly want to believe that. A solid statement.

The twitch and advertisement situation really needs to change though. Plus the more players, more money to regulate and add dlc and features such as a ranked system, new game modes, new battleborn, new maps etc.

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Yep. Plus it makes melee play more bearable. Only time I like fp view for melee was kinect and wii motion control

Well… I really hate to say this but Overwatch does not have this issue… damn I really hate myself for saying that

Ah Over watch.

People are to blinded by a fresh IP by blizzard to look at that game objectively.

Its story is just pathetic. Its cashing in on the “avengers” craze that’s been taking media entertainment by storm. The gameplay is crisp, which is expected by AAA tested developers. But overall this game was made by the same people as WoW, are you honestly hoping for pvp balance? Ive played at all levels in almost all seasons. Their are far to many erroneous mistakes to forgive. Warlocks season 2. Shamans season 3. Paladins season 4… and lets not (ever) forget triple god dam dps. How can you have faith in these guys.

Gearbox has personality. Characters that arnt generic boring “heroes”. They dont care about being politically correct so their characters seem genuine. True they have awhile to go. But it in a year, 2 years or 5 years time, Battleborn will be a work of art. Overwatch will be a indistinguishable from every other teambased fps that will be released.


I think Gearbox has done this to a limited extent, several former Borderlands streamers have been regularly streaming it and other BL2 folks like Derch have done a bunch of vids already. I’m guessing they are paying Stealth Shampoo, though I don’t know this for a fact, I only guess because I see them advertising his let’s play videos a lot on their Twitter feed.

However, it’s not realistic to expect them to compete with Blizzard in terms of advertising and hype. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought Blizzard was a much, much bigger company and so therefore they are going to out hype anybody. Hype is only part of the equation, it didn’t make Borderlands 2 and the hype didn’t keep BL2 going strong for over 3 years… If the game is good enough, people will find it and play it.

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Yes yes and yes. But am i wrong in saying that their were non-stop commercials for borderlands?? With the catchy cage the elephants song : ain’t no rest for the wicked.

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