How to build a new Zane?

Just recently started a Zane play through for my first time ever, and I am not sure which skills to go after early for maximum effectiveness. I know there are obviously tons of end games build videos out there, but I am looking for some advice in regards to how to build him while leveling. I am finding him to be pretty lack luster and a bit boring early on compared to when I played FL4K and Amara, so I’m just looking for some advice on which action skill - augment combo and early skills I should target. Thanks!

I usually start with a mix of Blue and Red Trees. Violent Momentum and Violent Speed are a cool combo that’s available immediately. I also like Synchronicity and Borrowed Time early on. The Barrier is extremely good once you unlock the All-Rounder augment. I always use two action skills while leveling Zane.

do you really need to build maximum effectiveness? what about fun. i would go drone clone borrowed time donnybrook first 10 points because it is fun af

however if u are into doing million damage from the get go take violent momentum then deja vu and commitment for next 10 skill points by any gun with ase/n2m anoints and you will be obliterating anything within few shots with barrier+canon

i literally have no idea how can one find amara or fl4k more exciting. early fl4k is super boring and early amara is nothing but grasp

You’re right. For the first 30 levels or so I would prefer fun, so I should have specified that.

I love spamming Rakks with FL4K and watching them destroy everything. Super satisfying watching the birds obliterate. And I was mainly a Maya player in BL2 so I’m a big fan of phasegrasp and all the different augments around it. I like characters where I feel “involved” with their action skill. With Zane so far, it just feels like I activate the Sentinel and Barrier and then pay zero attention to them. This is also how I felt about Axton and Roland and why I couldn’t get into either character, but I’m wanting to give Zane a shot due to his high speed and Cryo builds at end game.

Mantis cannon and on shield break effects with an Infiltrator com is where its at, I feel bad but only took Zane after dlc5 dropped. I HAVE TOTALLY IGNORED barrier and clone.

Cannon and drone break all the CD’s… I’m new but really - Moze isn’t like Zane.

New Zane on the way up = purple and blue trees

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