How to build and gear sniper ISIC

Pretty much self explanatory in title. I have played ISIC off and on but am not quite sure what helixes or even what gears to use for him for sniping. Help!

For gear, use attack damage and skill damage with a free -reload speed shard gen. Preferably with health as a secondary stat. If you want to be broken, use Symbiotic and Bolas.

For helixes, LLLLMLMRL and whatever you think is appropriate for the situation you’re in at level 10.


I had been using AD and SD blues with more of each on shield dam and a shard gen. I had been thinking about dropping the shard gen for something else but not much comes to mind to use and would make my loadout kinda expensive at above 2k shards.

What would you suggest over the wound mutation?

Is 18 percent dam that much better over the -25percent charge shot time?

Charge shots don’t crit right?

Should I bother trying to cap local thralls?

You could replace the shard gen with a blue LLC vest or something else that has attack damage or skill damage. It comes down to personal preference really.

Left side.

So much better. An 18 percent damage increase to an already high damage primary is not worth giving up over anything on that helix.

They do. It’s just very hard to do so and generally very rare.

If you think you can then go for it. ISIC isn’t too bad at taking thralls.

Well the best ISIC main on the forums is currently suspended, so I’ll try to answer in his place. As long as you are running attack damage and skill damage, that should be enough to min/max your damage potential. For the most extreme damage you would use Bola’s + Symbiotic since his charge shot applies Bola’s debuff however your current load out works just fine. You could use the epic Jennerit shard generator for more damage though.

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Charge shots can crit but the hit box on the projectile makes it difficult to land more than other snipers.

The wound mutation is the best choice at that level. The other two aren’t worth it for the build you are doing.

I know that Hellyeah prefers the 18% extra damage over the charge time.

Don’t know about the thralls.

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@HY935 and @blainebrossart1

Had to math out the the charge time helix vs the dam helix. Makes sense now I believe

I have always felt that ISIC was kinda mediocre at getting the local thrall since I can’t seem to replicate criting them reliably.

I also understand the wound mutation is generally superior but can’t help but think of times where it might be more advantageous to use a different one

Gear is something i will have to play around with I suppose. I have no desire to do the sym bolas combo since I got 2 reputable ppl telling me it was broke (vagrantsun and loathes these forums) I do like the shard gen idea though. Too bad I sell all my shard gens…

Once I get the gear and helixes tweaked I can work on my positioning. I find my self usually mid lining accidentally.

(Oh and I knew loathes was suspended otherwise I woulda tagged them lol)

Oh yeah, it’s busted as ■■■■. Just pointing it out for the sake of covering all grounds.

Fer sho and I appreciate it. Been phasing out a decent amount of Legos from my builds since I been experimenting with cheaper style loadouts. Quite interesting…

I prefer cheaper gear (Note: not free gear). And I rarely use shard generators anymore unless I’m doing an economy build or I’m using it for the secondary effect. Having the extra effect compared to having shard generation is pretty noticeable.

Yeah since I played flawed gear on melka and thorn I have been seeing what I can make happen with other characters and gear. I did try speedy rath but I kinda hate trying to use move and sprint speed gear so it just felt like spending shards on nothing.

I do still run a couple of shard gens like my bene loadout is reload on reload Eldrid purple fist and a shard gen and it still feels pretty right as far as gear utilizing goes for me

I am triggered by this statement. Especially since you can get ideal movement potential for very cheap.

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Most of my Rath builds include at the very least this sprint speed gear.

Yup I used stuff like that. Wasn’t impressed or felt like it was worth the slots. Even did a full move/sprint speed on pendles and thought it was a waste

To each their own, I guess.

Yeah that’s the only way to describe it… Your wisdom with rath is unquestionable but I just don’t like what you verify as being good for him lol. But hey man he’s not my main so I don’t have to adore him :wink:

I advocate for sustain on ISIC because of how big of a target you are. The choice between health regen or max health is up to you, but don’t overlook this item: Sportsman’s Haute-Couture Kevlar.

I think the Bolas/SymGauntlet is overkill when the Bolas just does everything 12.6% better. Proc’ing it everytime you land a charge shot (I think) is better when you can go with a cheaper piece of gear Scoundrel’s “Stinger”

I noticed blainebrossart1 likes to get rid of the shard generator but it depends on who you’re playing with. If you’re dominating mid the entire incursion game, no doubt you’re going to be able to secure all your gear in 3 minutes. However, if you’re running with randoms and need to be effective while still being a team player/buying buildable, a shard gen + shards picked up from minions adds up quickly.

I like the Wound mutation personally. The shield recharge rate means you have to keep shooting for it kick in and that means you’re walking slowly. It just doesn’t do enough for me.

EDIT: In the war of Bola v. SymGauntlet, I meant I rather take the Bolas.

Skill damage also increases the damage on a charge shot because it’s considered his passive. So the Bolas does more than just the 12.6% debuff increase.

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ISIC doesn’t need sustain as far as gear goes since there’s not much that really poses a threat to him at range. Wards provide most of the sustain ISIC needs anyways.


Unless wft is smart and use his sticky nades to break them.

Ehhh kinda. Something like Thorn’s blight would work better.

But she got no shield!!!;