How to build and gear sniper ISIC

Yeah theoretically I shouldn’t need max health or regen if I am back lining correctly but sacrificing a potential 5 percent skill or attack damage for a static 210 health seems relatively smart

Even then, the delay on the grenades is more than enough time for ISIC to force Whiskey into cocer through sheer damage.

At that point it just comes down to personal preference.

I get out of my corner and hide again untill i hear the boom! And active my passive.

Fair enough.

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You wound me sir T-T
I kid
it’s not like I have a point of reference or comparison.

yay an ISIC topic
my two cents
The ever popular Skill/Attack/Sustain sniper build can be built a number of ways.
If I’m not running my odd gimmicky movement speed build
I’ll focus shield
And either the epic Jennerit -reload Shield Cap or -Delay
With -Delay, wards start shields in half the time and focusing on shield makes L-5 a lot more viable. if you’ve got good positioning and good instincts you won’t be burning through the full 736/1472 or 876/1752


I should have specified ps4. I have no idea about the ISIC mains on xbox or pc.

Good to know, Alex

Are you implying something?


I’m watching you, Jose.

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